Toy Organization {Son's Room}

As you can see, my son's room was in desperate need of some organization for his toys and stuffed animals.  Our current system just wasn't working.  So, I cleared everything out of that corner and off of the wall.
We needed more storage for his stuffed animals because he is unwilling to part with any of them.
I already had two of these dark blue storage bins in my garage, so I went to Target and got two more.  My original idea was to conceal the storage bins somehow. After I got the bins in the room though, I decided they looked fine just how they were (besides, I probably had to go and make dinner at this point).  They provided plenty of storage to hold all of Jacob's stuffed animals.
Next, I needed to address storage for all of Jacob's miscellaneous toys that were being kept under his bed and not easily accessible to him.  I wanted to use the fabric storage bins that we already had, so I installed the white shelf up above the blue storage containers to put them on.  This way, Jacob could still easily pull out the blue bins to get his stuffed animals.
I've been on a labeling kick lately and so I found these cute labels at the Better Homes and Gardens web site to put onto the bins.
Jacob told me that he thought it was kinda "silly" that all of the bins had the same label on them though.
In order to fulfill my need to label and also make my son happy, I stenciled each of them to spell out "toys."
We were both much happier with this result.

Have a great day!

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