Going To Grandma's

Right after school was out, my kids went on a trip to Florida with their dad to see his folks.  This was huge for me because they had never been away from me for longer than two days.  This time, they would be gone for an entire week.  I think my ex-mother-in-law must have booked the tickets the second after I agreed to let them go.  There was no discussion about how long they would be gone.  Next thing I knew, their dad was calling to tell me that his mom had booked the tickets for a week.  I think she figured she better get the tickets fast, before I changed my mind about letting them go.

I realized that it's important for them to make memories with their dad too, and to get to know their grandma and grandpa in Florida because we live so far away from them.  So, I sucked it up and acted cheerful and excited for them to be going on vacation.
I even got them their own luggage for the trip.

After I got them the luggage.  I told my son that when his cousin, Heather, was little, she had a suit case with "Going to Grandma's" written on it that she would bring with her when she went to my mom's house for sleepovers.

I kept telling Jacob that I was going to go and get some alphabet stencils so that I could stencil "Going to Grandma's" on their suit cases.  I didn't bother to tell this to my daughter, Olivia, who is 12 and wise to my mind-game-playing-ways.  She usually just rolls her eyes at me when I talk this kind of nonsense.  My sweet boy, on the other hand, is quite gullible.  Plus, he knows his mom is always working on some DIY project and just crazy enough to stencil "Going to Grandma's" on his suit case.

The morning they were set to leave I finally had to fess up to him that I never really intended to stencil his suit case.  We had a good laugh about it which helped me to keep my emotions in check.  I took them to the airport and kept a stiff upper lip up until the minute they turned around to get on the plane and then immediately burst into tears.  I did survive it though.  I kept very busy including, of course, a major project I had been wanting to tackle for a long time, which I'll be posting about soon.

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