Great Goodwill Finds!

I've had some great luck recently at Goodwill.  Of course, it does help that I drop in pretty regularly.  I'm just waiting for them to give me a name tag the next time I go in.  I've had to swear off (for now) though because I have so many projects just waiting to be done that I'm running out of room to store everything.  I got each of these things at separate times.

I was sooo excited to find this beautiful chair for only $13.  I love the curvy arms!
 I did a happy dance at the register when the cashier told me it was 50% off!  Then she rang me up for $7.50 while I was getting my wallet out of my purse.  Math whiz that I am, it took me a moment to figure out that - Hey! half of 13 is 6.50.  She had already rung me up though, and I wasn't going to make an issue over a dollar  (even I'm not that cheap).
I was a little worried about the arms and that it might not fit into my desk space, but it fits great.  I love it and I can't wait to reupholster it!  Not that I've ever reupholstered anything in my life, so I hope I don't screw it up.
I also found this glass lamp base that's in excellent condition.  It just needs a little cleaning up.
I think it's a Target lamp from a year or so ago.  I haven't seen it in the store lately and it wasn't on their web site.
 But only 6 bucks for a nice glass lamp base!  You can't beat that price.
I also found this drum shade.  I can never find decent drum shades that are affordable.  Why are drum shades so expensive? I especially like the drum shades that are symmetrical on top and bottom.  So, at $3.99, I was happy to snag this one up.

Then, I had to go and buy this because it was only $10.00.   I have no room for it in my house.  What was I thinking?  I have so many other things to do, like finish my son's room, my room, my daughter's room, the living room, the kids' bathroom, paint the kitchen cabinets, etc...

I couldn't resist it though, for 10 bucks, solid wood, beautiful, elegant lines, dovetail joinery on the drawers, round metal hardware.  Know anyone who needs a nice table?

I seriously have a problem.  Maybe I can start a Thrifters Anonymous 12 step program.  "Hi, I'm  Sharon, and I'm addicted to thrift shop finds."  Would it be wrong to buy a bigger house so I have room for this table?

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  1. Great finds! I like to go to flea markets, thrift shops etc. We have too much stuff and thought one day we would open our own store. Get things, fix them and re sell. Maybe you will have your own store in the future.


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