Mod Podge Map Mirrors

My son loves maps and globes. He's always quizzing me and his sister with questions like, "What's the second largest continent." So, I wanted to incorporate a map element into his bedroom.

You may remember this mirror that used to hang in my living room?
With the help of some Mod Podge, it got a makeover recently. Well, actually, two makeovers.

Why two versions you may be wondering?

Well, for the first version, I got the maps for free at AAA since I'm a member and I'm cheap like that. I painstakingly Mod Podged it on and absolutely loved it!
In my living room with the neutral walls on top of the dresser that I refinished this past summer.
But, when I put it in my son's room with his Behr Sonata Blue painted walls, it just kind of blended in. Talk about disappointment! Clearly, I had not thought this through.
I considered my options. Repaint the whole room? No. Jacob still loved his blue walls. Paint an accent wall? No. I'm not too big into accent walls. I finally just decided to bite the bullet and got some more maps that wouldn't blend in with his blue walls and Mod Podged right over the blue map.
I'm really loving all of the new colors that the map introduces to the room. I'm especially excited to be able to incorporate orange into the room now!
What about you? Have you Mod Podged anything lately?

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