Painted Striped Closet Curtains

I needed something to conceal my son's closet, since I took the doors off of it in order to fit the pallet play table that I made for him.  The easiest solution was to hang some white cotton curtains on a shower rod.
They seemed a little plain to me though, so I decided to paint some stripes onto the bottoms since we already had this stripe vibe that was going on in the room.

In the roman shade...

and, in the rug, both of which, I planned on keeping in the room.

I thought about sewing some grosgrain ribbon onto the bottoms for about two seconds and then decided against it.  I'm much more comfortable with a paint brush than with a sewing machine, and I didn't have any grosgrain ribbon on hand.

So, I used some painter's tape to mark my stripes.
After I finished taping the first curtain, I made the mistake of setting down my roll of tape.  Mr. Naughty Pants got a hold of it and chewed it up good.
Fortunately, I had a roll of frog tape so I used that on the second one.
We liked how the green tape looked and green was also one of the accent colors in the mood board that I made for his room.

So, I went with it (livin' life on the edge here people!) and painted the green stripes on.  I did mix the paint with textile medium first.
Here's how they turned out.

What do you think?  I'm still not too sure about the green stripes.  I think I need to live with it for awhile and see what I decide.

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