Pallet Art Display Board {DIY}

I wanted my son to have somewhere to display his artwork in his bedroom, rather than just tacking it to the wall like he'd been doing (along with some posters).
I decided to put it over his bed so, off all this stuff went and down came the shelf.
I had some leftover pallet wood from the pallet play table that I made for him.  So, I used it to make an art display board.
Here's how I made it. I already had these boards and liked that they weren't all even and decided to keep them as is. Then, I decided how big I wanted it to be and made sure at least three pictures would fit onto it.
At first, I thought I could just hammer some boards onto the back horizontally to keep it all together. But, when I picked it up, the boards were falling off.
So, I had to screw them on. I was working with what I had and didn't have two long boards to put on horizontally so I used one long and one short. Very professional looking 'eh?
To hang it securely to the wall. I had gotten a wire picture hanger thingie from Home Depot. Two of the hooks go on either side and then you put the wire on.
It came with two anchor bolts to secure it to the wall so that it will mount as close to the wall as possible.

I decide to give it a little more rustic look by staining it with some stain I already had from another project.
It was too dark though, so I sanded down the too dark part and started over, just rubbing it on with a rag, 'til I got it looking just right. Finally! I get to hand it up. I put some finishing nails on it and some bull nose clips to hang Jacob's art work.
Now, he can easily display his artwork. Isn't he talented?
Soon, I'll show you the bookcase that I found for Jacob's room and how my design for the room took a rather unintended nautical turn.

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