Personalized Heart Art {Tutorial}

Last week, I showed you the personalized heart art that I made as gifts for my sister and niece.
Today, I'll show you how I made them.
For this project, I used:
  • a shadow box
  • piece of white fabric
  • spray adhesive
  • heart punch
  • white and red card stock paper
  • straight pins
  • glue dots
  • dental floss
  • ruler
Punch out a bunch of red hearts from the card stock paper and fold them in half.  Print out whatever you want to put onto your white hearts with the white cardstock paper.  For mine, I put initials and birthdates.  Punch them out with the heart punch and fold them in half.
I used an 11 x 15 shadow box that I got at Michael's.  Use whatever size you want. In fact, I'm planning on doing a small version of this with yellow hearts for my bedroom with my kids' birthdates.
I took off the black fabric that my shadow box came with, and replaced it with a piece of white cotton fabric that I had on hand.  I used the black fabric as a guide to cut it to the right size.  I adhered my piece of white fabric onto the board with spray adhesive.  (Sorry!  No picture of me putting the white fabric onto the board.  Bad blogger!).
Next, I measured in a few inches from the the side and the top to determine where to place my hearts, and marked the spot with a straight pin.
Then I measured equal distances from that spot to space the heart rows evenly and marked them with the straight pins.  I needed to figure out a way to keep the center of the hearts (where they are folded) lined up evenly.
I tied a piece of dental floss onto each pin because this allowed me to put the hearts underneath the floss.  I don't know how the artists on Etsy make these but I'm sure that they don't use dental floss to line up their rows of hearts!
I laid out each of my rows of hearts and figured out where I wanted to place my white hearts, before I started gluing them down, to make sure that the rows where lined up evenly.
Then, I used the glue dots to adhere them onto the board going vertically. I alternated gluing down each side of the hearts as I went down the row.  The nice thing about glue dots is that you can move them around easily if the heart isn't in the right spot.  Then I just proceeded to do each row.
After you get them all glued on the board, just take off the pins and dental floss and put the board back into the shadow box frame, and there you go, your own personalized heart art!
Let me know if you decide to make your own heart art.  I'd love to see how yours comes out.

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