Regular or Decaf?

When I think about all of the organizing in my house that I need to do, it can be pretty overwhelming.  So, I've decided to try to tackle just one thing a week.  It can be a closet, a drawer, a cabinet or even just a shelf in a cabinet.  This seemed like a good place to start.
I'd been looking for containers for my coffee because I just wasn't real thrilled with what I had to face every morning.

I actually drink French roast coffee that I buy at Costco and not Folgers (not that there's anything wrong with Folgers).  I keep the coffee beans in a container in my pantry and then grind it and keep it in the Fogers container.  I think I bought the Folgers once when I was out of my regular French roast and couldn't get to Costco.

Anyway, I digress.  I was searching for white containers, with airtight lids, preferably square, and inexpensive, of course.  I had been looking around, with no luck, and was afraid that I might have to get something from some place like Williams Sonoma and pay a small fortune.

I was shopping at Wal-Mart for pool gear because I got my kids an above ground pool this summer, and someone had told me they had a lot of pool stuff.  Anyway, this container caught my eye on a nearby shelf.
It was perfect!  White, square, and I love the see through top...
and the cute little metal scoopy thing.  Plus, they were just five bucks apiece!  Sold!
After I got them home and washed them out.  I put my handy dandy Martha Stewart chalkboard labels on them.
I really love the way they turned out. They're the perfect graphic compliment to my bright green French press that I use primarily on the weekends when I have more time to make coffee in it.
Now, I just need to tackle the rest of the cabinet.

One shelf at a time.  One shelf at a time.

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