Son's Room - Sponge Bob Inspired Bookcase {Before + After}

I'd been looking for a bigger bookcase in my son's room to replace this one, that just wasn't working for us.
I found one, unexpectedly, at a neighbors yard sale when I was out walking Bocce one morning.  And, yes, it's another Carson bookcase from Target, like the ones I have in my living room.

I hadn't planned on getting yet another Carson bookcase but there it was and they were only asking:
I tried to get it for $25.00 but they'd only go as low as $30.00.  Sold.
I decided to paint it white in keeping with the mood board that I made for Jacob's room.  Here it is painted Polar Bear white by Behr and styled in Jacob's room.
For the card board backing, I decided to cover them with drop cloth canvas to give the bookcase some texture and contrast with the white.
I just cut the fabric down to the sizes that I need for each panel and duck taped it to the back of the cardboard and screwed them onto the back of the bookcase.
After Jacob and I went through the books to decide which ones he wanted to keep and which ones he wanted to donate.  I styled the bookcase quickly because it was late in the afternoon and I had to get started on making dinner.
Jacob had some sea shells so I decided I would put them into this basket.  I quickly hot glued a star fish to the front.  Then, I chose a few large books to lay horizontally, set the basket on it, and put the rest of the stuff on.
I took a step back to look at my work and my son said, "It looks oceany."  I had to laugh because between the basket with the star fish, the three large ocean books that I set it on, and the amazing underwater photo that my sister gave to Jacob for his birthday, there was definitely a nautical theme going on.  Completely unintentional on my part.  This must be what happens when you watch way too many episodes of Sponge Bob with your kids!  I do like nautical, it's just not the look I was going for in his room.
Here's a shot of the bookcase with the stenciled curtains that I replaced Jacob's closet doors with.  I think they coordinate nicely together.
Something was bothering me, though, about this corner of the room (besides the whole nautical vibe) and so, I'm going to be making some more changes over here, including different curtains.  Maybe, I'll be done with Jacob's room by the time he finishes high school?

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