Back Entry Way {Organization}

I hope that you've had a great week.  Even though it was a short work week, didn't it feel long?
Last year, my daughter started middle school.  Instead of carrying a back pack, she had a binder and some text books that she kept at home.  We never established a designated spot for them so they wound up floating around the house in different places and she could never find her binder in the morning.  I don't know what school day mornings are like at your house, but at ours things can get a little crazy.
This year, I was going to make certain that I found a spot for her binder and her text books.
I figured the best spot for them would be in one of these cubicles that I got last year at TJ Maxx.  I had been wanting cubicles to flank my bookcases (yes, I know the bookcases need a lot of work still.  Please don't judge.).  When I found these cubicles, I knew they'd be perfect for the space plus, I fell in love with the brown and cream ikat fabric.
I had been keeping my purse and things that I needed to return to the store in the cubicle on the left in the picture.

My glasses, keys and cell phone I kept in a basket in a dresser I have in my living room that I refinished this past summer and use as a credenza.
It was a good system that worked well, but I really needed to figure out where to put Olivia's binder and text books and the cubicle seemed the best choice.
With my purse and store returns system now displaced, I needed to figure out a new place to put them.  I thought it'd be nice to have a place just to dump all of my stuff when I walked in from the garage.  This is the hallway off the garage door entry. It's the entry of the house that we use primarily since we park the car in the garage.
So, I got a shelf and some hooks from Target and hung them in the hallway.  It immediately made the hallway feel much more homey and inviting.  This was such a simple and easy project that I had to wonder why I didn't do this a long time ago?
To style the shelf, I shopped my house for the blue vase, the sun flowers are from my back yard, and I stole the simple word art that I had made from my desk area.  The word art was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, An Inch of Gray.  Life can get pretty hectic, but when I see the word art when I'm coming and going, it's a reminder to me to slow down and appreciate the people I love.  It also reminds me of how I want to live my life every day.  If you haven't been to Anna's blog, you really should go and check it out.  It has given me a whole new appreciation of life and even though I think I'm a pretty good mom, it makes me that much more patient and loving with my kids.
Just in case you couldn't read it...
The cute green basket I picked up at Cost Plus World Market for four bucks and that's where I now drop my keys, sun glasses and cell phone when I come home.
Jacob can also hang his backpack on the hooks so the new system has been working out very well.  I really love that there is something bright, cheery and inspirational  to greet me when I come home.
Not to mention this little guy.  Love you too Bocce!
 Have a fabulous weekend!

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