Feng Shui & My Love Corner

I hope you had a great weekend.  Aren't they just always too short?  I had a very enlightening weekend.   I discovered that I have crap in my love corner!  What in the world is she talking about you ask?  Let me explain.  If you've read my "about me" then you know that I'm single, divorced to be exact.  All I'll  say about my divorce is that, for awhile, my life was like one of those bad Life Time movies.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  The movie where the woman thinks she knows the man she's married to only to have things revealed to her and then she's like, "Oh my God!  Who is this person?"

Well, that was me.  I lived that bad Life Time movie and there was no other option for me except divorce.  No one plans on getting divorced.  I surely didn't, and it was absolutely one of the single most difficult and painful experiences of my life.

After my divorce, I chose to not really focus on finding a boyfriend or getting remarried.  I just wanted to focus on my kids, who have been, and always will be my number one priority.  If I met someone wonderful then great!  If not, oh well.

The thing is, I liked being married and I'm still open to that possibility.  I just don't want to date.  My friends tell me that it doesn't work that way.   I don't think I'm being unreasonable.  I just never liked dating, and I don't want to put forth any effort to kiss a bunch of frogs in order to find my Prince Charming.
I'd prefer to find Husband Number Two the way I order things through Amazon.  Find what I want, place my order and a few days later, boom!  There it is, in a nice tidy package waiting for me on my front porch.
While this blog is not about being a single mom looking for love, it is about DIY and design.  So I was thinking, what if there was something, design wise, that I could do for God, or The Universe, to facilitate delivering Husband Number Two to me?  Because, frankly, that's about as much effort as I'm willing to put forth on the matter.  So, I Googled, "feng shui to attract a partner" to see what I could find out.  The first link I clicked on was this post titled, "Feng Shui Your Love Corner to Attract a Mate."

Ok, so maybe I was on to something.  As I read on, I discovered that what I needed to do was to use the bagua map to find the love corner (every time I read "love corner" I hear Barry White's voice saying it very slowly) in my house.  Now, I was a little familiar with feng shui, but if you're not familiar with it, you can read about it here. It's been around for thousands of years, right?  So, there must be something to it.

To find the love corner in my house, I needed to lay the bagua map over the floor plan of my house.  This would put my love corner in my daughter's room.  This won't work.   You can also lay the bagua map over rooms in your house.  So, I decided to lay the bagua map over my bedroom since this is my personal space.
You lay the map over your space so that the Knowledge section is in the lower left corner and the Love/Marriage section is in the upper right section of the room.  The door to your space will be in one of the lower sections of the map, either the Knowledge, Career or Helpful People/Travel section.

If you've already read this post about my bedroom, then you'll know that what I have in the far right corner of my  bedroom is CRAP!  Oh, wonderful!  I've got crap in my love corner!  This pretty much sums up the state of my romantic life since my divorce.
The crap wound up here after I cleaned out my garage and I did what I refer to as a "crap transfer."  Now a crap transfer is when you have stuff  that you're holding on to because you still need to sort through it and decide what to do with it.  I was getting frustrated with the crap in my garage when I cleaned it out, and since I had nowhere else to put it, I just stuck it in the corner of my bedroom thinking I'd get to it "later".  Well, later never came and the crap is still there.

Apparently, the other thing that I should do if I'm looking to feng shui my bedroom is to paint my room.  Pink.
Uhm.  Yeah.  No.  I don't think so.

I have nothing against pink and I think that it can work in a room, in small doses, like in these rooms.
Sarah Richardson via Addicted 2 Decorating
But, I really don't love it enough to change the whole design plan that I've developed for my room.
So, I think I will just clean the crap out of the corners of my bedroom and maybe just put a pretty pink orchid in my LUUV CORNER (thanks Barry).  Then, I'll  wait patiently for the door bell to ring with my delivery from The Universe.

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