Son's Bed {Before & After}

I wanted to show you my son's finished bed.  I can't believe that out of all the pictures that I have taken in my son's room, I don't have one good "before" picture of his full bed!  I think I took this shot to show you the "art work" that was hanging on the wall next to his bed.
That's his old bedding though, which I liked but it had been washed so many times that it just sort of fell apart one day.  You can tell that it's pretty time worn in this picture.
Here's another shot of his head board and the pallet art display board I made for him. (This is a bad picture of the pallet art display board, below are better pictures that show you what it really looks like.  I'm trying to improve my photography skills).
Here are some shots of his bed after I painted it with Valspar's indigo blue in satin finish.

I couldn't really find any bedding that I liked.  His old pillow case was still in good shape and I wanted bedding that was light enough so that the amazing navy blue afghan that my mom made for him would stand out.
So, I grabbed a painter's drop cloth from my linen closet (they make fabulous table cloths) and put it on the bed.  I loved it!

I will definitely be calling my mom to help me make a duvet out of drop cloths for the bed.  So, picture this only a little bit fluffier.

The orange pillow was on clearance at Target and I love how it coordinates with the Mod Podge map mirror that I made for Jacob's room.  Plus, I love to mix traditional with modern.  Jacob also brought home some new art work from school (before I got the pillow) and it matches his bedroom perfectly!  Way to help your momma out Jake!

Not to mention that the orange pillow also matches the little fuzzy rubber ball that Jacob threw up on the ceiling oh, over a year ago? When he did it, he said he wanted to see how long it would stay up there before it fell down.  I don't think it's coming down anytime soon and I'm under strict orders not to take it down.
What do you think Bocce? It's always nice to have a little helper with my projects.
We're going to be having my family over for Thanksgiving this year.  So, there are some projects in my living room that I'm hoping to get to this weekend.  Plus, this Sunday is the grand opening of Home Goods here!  I'm very excited about that after seeing all of the great deals that other bloggers have scored there.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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