Upcycled Fall Mantel

One of the things that was really driving me crazy in my living room was the black mirror that I had on my mantel.  It started out gold.  I painted it white.  Hated it.  Then, I painted it black and hated it even worse.  Everything was too harsh, too square, too angular over in this area of my living room.
I wanted something round and organic looking to soften it up.  I didn't want to have to spend a lot of money  on it (surprise, surprise!).  If I ever get around to opening up my kitchen to the living room, like I want to, then I'll be taking the fireplace out anyway.
So, I came up with an idea to DIY a jute mirror out of cardboard.  I almost had it done this past weekend, but Saturday evening, I ran out of the jute that I had gotten at Hobby Lobby.  Well, Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday, and I couldn't find anything to match anywhere else.  I went back to Hobby Lobby for more jute yesterday, and I did get my mirror finished.
Here it is with the upcycled plant boxes that I showed you yesterday and some pumpkins that I picked up at the grocery store.
To continue the neutral look I had going, I wanted some white pumpkins but couldn't find any.  I still might swap these out for some white ones and let my kids have these to decorate the front porch.
So, is anyone interested in seeing how I made the jute mirror?  Let me know.
Hope you have a fantastic day!
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