Dining Room Curtains {Before & After}

I recently had my mom come over to "help" me with a sewing project.  This is code for, "Mom, can you come over and sew something for me?"  Because the sewing gene has apparently skipped a generation in our family.  In fact, my sixth grade sewing project is still unfinished at my mom's house.  It's my name, S-H-A-R-O-N, in pillows.  Maybe one day I'll finish it and put it on my bed?
As you can see, my old beige curtains were looking pretty bad and my kids had done their fair share of hanging on them and bent the curtain rod.

A few years ago, I had gotten the PB Cameron Cotton Drapes for the window you see in this picture that's behind the table.  Unfortunately, they shrunk about three inches after getting washed.  So, I replaced them with some inexpensive white drapes from Target and decided to just sew (or have my mom sew) some fabric onto the ends of them and use them for the sliding glass door.  The fabric that I chose was actually a curtain that I found at Target.  I loved the blue color and the Moroccan print.  The black curtain rod is from Bed Bath and Beyond and is much more substantial than the
old one, and hopefully, my kids have outgrown hanging on the curtains?

I tried to be as useful as possible, since my mom was essentially doing all the work, but mostly I just flitted around the room, like an idiot, trying to get my mom to look at me
for a picture.  As you can see, she wasn't cooperating with me in that regard.

When they were done, I told her that I thought the patterned section was too high.  She just gave me that mom look.  You know the one that I'm talking about.  The one that makes you feel like you're seven years old again and you'd better straighten up or else!  And, since I'm the youngest of seven kids, she's got that mom look down pat.  I quickly changed my tune and told her how much I loved them, that they were perfect and thanked her profusely for sewing them for me.

Thanks Mom!  They are a huge improvement over the old curtains.
What about you?  Do you like to sew or do you lack the sewing gene like me?

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