Halloween Mantel

 really wish I could clone myself.  There never seems to be enough time to get everything done that I want to get done, especially on the weekends (including a blog post for Monday).  It seems like I blink and the weekend is over.  Not good.  Is anyone else in favor of permanent three day weekends?
I did manage to drag all of the Halloween stuff out of the attic this past weekend.  I decided to keep it minimal as far as decorations go because Halloween is next week (how did that happen?), and then I'll be packing it back up again.  I considered not even bothering with decorating, but I had to get the Halloween stuff down anyway for the kids' costumes, so I figured I could at least decorate the mantel.
I always try to get my kids to decide what they're going to be for Halloween at least by October 1st so that we're not scrambling around at the last minute getting costumes together.  Of course, this never happens, and they just decided what they wanted to be recently.
We have to get their costumes done about a week before Halloween because there is a party at my son's school that we all go to.  So, Jacob has decided to be Batman and Olivia was going to be a ghost bride. We were going to get an old wedding dress from a thrift store and dye it gray, but the only dresses we found were around 20 bucks and were way too huge.  So, she's going to be Cat Woman instead.  Luckily, these aren't too difficulty to DIY and we are almost done with them.
Anyway, I digress.  Here's the Halloween mantel that I put together over the weekend.
I just wanted to use stuff we already had, and man do we have a load of Halloween stuff!  I really need to go through and get rid of some of it.
The picture of the kids is a professional holiday picture I had done when they were smaller.  I just copied it in black and white.  We've put googlie eyes on it in the past too for a little more silly effect.  You just hot glue the googlie eyes on to the glass.  They pop off easily when you are done with the Halloween decorations.
The white owl bookend and Harry Potter books, I borrowed from our living room bookcases.
I copied a picture of one of our hairy spiders and put it in this frame I already had.  I seem to collect picture frames the way some people collect stamps, or shells.  The branches, I just cut off of a tree in our backyard and put them into a glass vase.  I've also spray painted these black for previous Halloweens when I was more into it.
To hold the branches in place, I dropped in a few Dollar Store mini-skulls, that we got last year.
The black raven is also a Dollar Store find from last year.
I have to admit, I'm still not that into Halloween this year.  My kids even noticed, yesterday evening when we were taking Bocce on his walk, that not too many of our neighbors have decorated for Halloween this year.  So, maybe it's not just me?  I'm thinking that what I need to alleviate my Halloween stupor is a big bag of Halloween candy (the good kind with lots of chocolate that you keep for yourself and don't give to the trick-or-treaters).  We should have the kids' Halloween costumes done soon though, so I'm excited to share those with you.
What about you?  Have you already bought Halloween candy and eaten all of it?  Or have you done any decorating for Halloween this year?

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