Kitchen Cupboards {Organization}

After I bought new glasses at HomeGoods, I realized that I was going to have to clean out some of my kitchen cupboards and do some rearranging to make room for them.
So, while my kids destroyed the living room built a fort in the living room, I got busy cleaning and organizing some kitchen cupboards.
This is where I had been storing my glasses, but there wasn't room for 24 more.
My plan was to move all of my glasses and dishes into these upper cupboards on either side of my sink.
Eventually, I'd like to cut out the inside of the cabinet doors on these two cabinets and put glass in, like Chloe and her husband did at Everywhere Beautiful.  I'd also like to paint the cabinets white and add some hardware.
I would also love to add some molding to the tops like Sarah did to her cabinets over at the Yellow Cape Cod.
So, I just wanted to put pretty stuff into these two cabinets.  No plastic take out cups or melamine plates.

Here's the "before" picture of the inside of the cabinet on the right of the sink.  I was storing all of my plastic ware (the bane of my existence - besides the above ground pool I got for my kids this summer) and the bottom shelf is where I was keeping our meds and vitamins.
I took all of my plates and bowls out of this cupboard.
And, moved them into this cupboard to the right of the sink.  I also put wine glasses on the top shelf. So this is the "after" for this cabinet.
This is the "before" shot of the top portion of the cupboard to the left of the sink.  A jumbled mess of coffee cups.
 This was the bottom shelf that I wrote about in this post.  I took everything out and donated some of the coffee cups we didn't need, and put my kids' Christmas mugs into the pantry since they are used only seasonally.
Here is the "after" of this shelf. I put all of our drinking glasses into this cupboard and some bowls on the top shelf.
I relocated the coffee stuff to where I had been storing our plates and bowls.  Coffee stuff on one side.
Coffee cups on the other side.  I couldn't give these cups up.  I had gotten them for my kids when they were much smaller so they would have something to drink their hot chocolate in.  Still love them (the cups I mean, and of course, my kids too.).
I had the coffee pot on another counter top, but since I moved all of the coffee stuff, it just made sense to move the coffee pot to this counter.
The plastic ware, I sorted and made sure everything still had lids.  If it didn't, in to the recycle bin it went.
I put them where I had previously stored the glasses, along with our vitamins and meds.

And now that these cupboards are all clean and organized, I cannot find a dang thing in my kitchen!  I open every cabinet to find what I'm looking for so, it takes me three times as long to find something.  I guess it will just take some getting used to.

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