No Sew Denim Purses {Kids' Crafts}

Happy Friday!  My kids are off today for fall break.  We were going to go to the Balloon Fiesta, but the weather is bad so we're going to try for tomorrow instead.
I realize that since I've started my blog, I haven't done any posts on kids' crafts.  So today, I thought I'd show you how we made these no sew denim purses.

We made these awhile back, when I was still just thinking about starting my blog (so the pictures are less than stellar).  Olivia had a friend come over for a sleep over, and we decided to try out our version of denim purses that we had seen in FamilyFun Magazine.

In the FamilyFun version, they just take off the pockets and sew them together for a purse.  We decided we wanted something a little bit bigger than that.   I also decided that my hot glue gun is my best friend, and that I will pretty much do anything I can to avoid sewing.  If you like to sew though, you could easily sew these.

We started out with old jeans that the kids had outgrown and that had holes in the legs.  
I cut them straight across below the hole in the knee. Here's a picture right before I did that (sorry forgot to take a picture of them after I cut them below the hole in the knee!).
I also cut out some fringe to attach to the bottom of the purses.
And, I cut out the pockets of the jeans so that they could be glued onto the purses.  I also cut out some of the embellishments that were on the jeans for the kids to use for decorations.
I turned the jean leg inside out and hot glued the fringe inside, so that the fringey part is sticking up towards what will become the opening of your purse.
Then, I hot glued the bottom together with the fringe inside.
I turned the purse right side out and hot glued one of the pockets that I had cut out earlier onto it.
For the purse straps, we used some old belts of Olivia's that no longer fit her and just hot glued them into the insides of the purses.
The kids used what we had on hand to decorate them, some felt shapes that they cut out, some feathers and the embellishments cut out from the jeans.
Here are their cute little purses just perfect for holding sock monkeys and the side pockets are just the right size for tucking in a few tubes of lip gloss.
What about you?  Do you have any fun craft projects lined up with your kids for this weekend?


  1. Love this idea - the purses are so cute and love that no sewing is required:) Wanted to let you know I featured it over at my site in a post on frugal play purse ideas -

  2. I'm attempting to adapt this to a project that can be done on our Singer chain stitch toy sewing machine! It is a challenge to get things to work with it!

  3. Did this and it came out great. I used the waist of the pants where the belt goes as the strap. Put the "butt" pocket on the front but put the "front" pocket on the inside like a change type pocket you would find in a purse. 🤩


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