Son's Room - Change of Plans

If you remember the mood board that I made for my son's room, then you've probably figured out that there's been a change of plans.  This often happens with me because it takes me so long to finish an entire project.  Especially, when I get side tracked by other projects and I have a million things on my "to do" list.
After I made the painted curtains, I wasn't exactly thrilled with them.  Let's face it, the stripes are kinda wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.  Then, I painted the bookcase, that I found at a garage sale, white.  Even though I lined the back of the bookcase with some painter's canvas, everything in this corner of the room was looking too bright, white and shiny.
It wasn't working for me and I knew why!  Yes!  I didn't grow up reading Nancy Drew novels for nothing!  Super sleuth that I am, I figured out that what was bothering me was that although this bright, white, shiny corner looked okay by itself, it didn't coordinate with the rest of the room.
It's times like these that make me feel about as bright as this guy.
To show you what I'm talking about, I'll show you the things that were staying in the room that I didn't consider in my mood board.  The rug, which (as you can see) is beige and brown.  And, in serious need of a good cleaning!
The off-white Roman shade, with the beige grosgrain ribbon was also a keeper, and the desk and chair that I found years ago at a consignment store.
I liked the rustic elements in the room, like the pallet display board that I had made for Jacob to hang his artwork on.  I liked the warm beiges and browns in the room.  The bright whites?  Not so much.
Even though I haven't gotten around to it yet, I'll be doing some tweaking in this corner of the room. Nothing like doing something twice!  Yee Haw!
I'm also planning on covering up the blue storage containers that hold all 4, 729 of Jacob's stuffed animals (I counted them, just for this post!).  This is what I had originally planned on doing but decided not to for some reason (which may, or may not have involved a marathon session of ANTM)?  I had already made this decision before I painted Jacob's bed and dresser blue, because I didn't want to overdo it and have it look as if one of these...
blew up in his bedroom.
Originally, my goal was to get his bedroom done by the end of September.  Well, we see how that turned out!  Jacob's birthday is in November so maybe I'll have his room done by then?  No promises though because I also want to do some projects in the living room, before Thanksgiving, which I'm having at my house this year.  Honestly Jacob could care less.  Give him his Legos and the boy would be happy with a mattress on the floor.

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