Styled Bookcases {Inspiration}

I've been thinking a lot about the bookcases in my living room, how I'd like to style them and how I want them to function in the room.  I mean, what, it's only been about a year and a half  since I stenciled the wall behind them so maybe, just maybe, I'm about ready to finish that project up?
Of course, I want them to have some books on them.  It's kind of drives me crazy when I see a bookcase without books on it.  I love how these built in bookcases were styled by designer, Celia Domenech.  Just the right amount of books and interesting pieces to look at, while not being too busy or looking overly styled.
Who hasn't seen this picture of an Ikea Billy bookcase done by Eddie Ross?  I love the fabric that he put on the back to make it pop.  This styling is just right in my book (sorry, couldn't resist the pun and it's late, I get slap happy when I'm tired).
Jane hits it out of the ball park with her choice of white ceramics and artwork on her bookcases.  Since the backs of my bookcases are green with a white lattice stencil, I'm going to shoot for primarily white decor so it won't look too visually cluttered.
Here's another great example of finding that perfect balance between books, artwork, pictures and a few fabulous pieces to add interest.  This one is the perfect example of varying heights to add visual interest.
This is one of my all time favorite examples of a perfectly styled bookcase.  Even though it's used in a home office, I love that it is functional and beautiful at the same time.  Since I'll be storing magazines on my bookcases, I love how she uses fabric covered magazine files.  I also love how she was able to utilize every square inch of the bookcase by putting baskets, some pictures and those fabulous brass lights on the very top.
I hope that you have had a fabulous week and that your weekend is even better!

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