Chalkboard Pot {DIY}

The recipe for my marinara sauce uses a lot of fresh basil which I usually get at Trader Joe's.  For a few straight weeks, Trader Joe's was out of fresh basil whenever I went in.  We usually have spaghetti with marinara sauce at least once a week in our house.  Okay, we've been known to eat it up to three times a week when I'm super stressed with my job (or I just don't feel like cooking).  The thing is, we love it and never seem to get tired of it.
We were getting desperate for some good homemade marinara sauce and Trader Joe's still didn't have any fresh basil.  They did have some basil plants though.  I was reluctant to buy one because I knew I couldn't plant it in my garden this time of year.  We had to have some fresh marinara though so I went ahead and bought the basil plant.
I decided that I would try to keep the basil alive until next summer to plant in my garden.  It wasn't looking too great in its plastic pot though.  I considered what color pot to get to plant it in and finally decided to try out an idea I had.

 I used a a six inch clay pot that cost about $1.25.  Originally, I was just going to get some chalkboard paint from the craft store, but found this chalkboard spray paint at Lowe's so I went ahead and got that instead for around $6.00.  This project didn't use up much of the spray paint chalk and there is quite a bit left in the can.

After I spray painted the pot with a few coats of chalkboard paint.  I rubbed the whole thing with chalk and wiped it off.  I guess you have to do this otherwise, whatever you first write onto the pot will get permanently imprinted into it.
Then, I put some rocks from my yard into the bottom of the pot for drainage.

I planted the basil in the pot and put it next to my sink in the kitchen.

How cute would this be for a hostess present?  With a rosemary plant in it, and a red or metallic gold ribbon around it for Christmas?
Or, you could make an herb windowsill garden and use chalkboard paint on several small pots and write the names of the plants on each of them.
I love this project because it was a quick, easy and inexpensive.  I smile every morning when the sun shines on it and it releases its basil scent reminding me of summer.
Hope you have a great day!

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