Drop Cloth Curtains {DIY}

I'm so glad you're here!  I hope you had a great weekend.  We had a lot of fun visiting with my brother and spending time with family.  I'm sure you remembered to set your clock back this weekend?  I really don't like the time change because now, it's starts to get dark at 5:00 instead of 6:00.  I'm not a night owl and I start to get tired as soon as it gets dark, so I really don't like this time change.

Anyhoo, you may remember that after I took the doors off of my son's closet, to make room for his pallet play table,  I painted some stripes onto these white curtains and hung them to replace the closet doors.
They were okay, but after I painted this garage sale bookcase white and put it into the room, I wasn't liking all the bright white in this corner.

After I had my mom help me sew some new dining room curtains, I decided I needed to tackle my sewing demons and make  something on my own.  Here are the drop cloth curtains that I made!
I had decided that I wanted to incorporate some denim into my son's room.  Since I had used a drop cloth to line the back of the bookcase, and was planning on making a duvet for his bed from drop cloths, why not make curtains out of it too?

I went back and forth deciding whether to buy some denim for the top half of the curtains or just cut off the top half of the existing curtains and dye them dark blue.  Since cutting off the tops of the white curtains and dying them would require less sewing for me, that's what I decided to do (of course).  Plus, I always try to use what I already have on hand.
So, I measured and marked the curtains and cut off the top portion.  I left a few extra inches for shrinkage because when you use dye, you have to use really hot water and I was working with cotton and knew it would shrink.
I also measured the length of the white curtains before I cut them, so that I knew how long to make my new curtains.

Then I dyed them using denim blue dye and the bucket method.  Here's a link to the Rit Dye web site that I used for the instructions.  I wound up doing mine twice (don't I seem to do everything twice?) because I didn't use salt the first time, which they recommend for dark colors.  I forgot to take a picture of the first results after dyeing, but it wasn't that deep dark denim blue I was looking for, so I did it a second time, using salt, and it came out much better. I love how the top section really looks like denim.
After the top half of the curtains were dyed, washed, dried and ironed.  I pinned them onto the drop cloth, and hung them up to make sure my length was right.  Then, I sewed them onto the drop cloth.  (I also washed the drop cloth first to ensure it wouldn't shrink when I washed the curtains.)
The sewing machine is a Singer Featherweight.  It was my mom's very first sewing machine and she said it was one of the best sewing machines she's every had.  She actually gave it to my daughter (realizing that I had not inherited her sewing gene).

I cut the two panels from the same drop cloth. I decided to take advantage of the fact that one side of the drop cloth and bottom were already hemmed. This left one side that needed to be sewn, but I cheated and just used some fusible webbing instead.  Why not take advantage of our 21st Century technology?
Finally, they were done and ready to hang!
So really, all I wound up sewing was the top half of the old curtains onto the drop cloths, but hey, sewing is sewing right?  I'm just amazed that I was able to sew a straight line and get the two  panels even.
Once I had the new curtains up, I was satisfied with this part of the room, because there wasn't so much bright white all concentrated into one corner.  The room feels more balanced to me now.  Since the back of the bookcase is lined with drop cloth, the bookcase and drop cloth curtains work well together.  The white trim around the closet and the white of the bookcase complement each other.  So, I don't think I'll be doing anything to change the bookcase like I thought I needed to (thank God I don't have to do the bookcase twice!).  Instead, I think I'll just add some denim elements to the bookcase.
I still have some things to tackle in Jacob's room.  It feels as if it is taking forever, but I need to remind myself of all the things that I've accomplished in here already so I'm making a list of what I've done and what I still want to do.
  1. Paint dresser
  2. Paint bed
  3. Paint bookcase
  4. Mod Podge the picture frame (twice)
  5. Curtains (twice)
  6. Pallet art display board
  7. Ceiling mounted drum shade
  8. Stuffed animal storage
  9. Pallet play table
  10. Sew pillow (I want something with stripes to bring the room colors together)
  11. Make orange accent pillow smaller
  12. Light for reading
  13. Denim element for bookcase
  14. Cover up blue stuffed animal storage bins
  15. Make pictures on wall next to bed stand out more
  16. Accessorize desk and dresser
  17. Drink a margarita (twice)
So, I'm almost there!  'Til next time.  Have a great day!

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  1. Those turned out beautifully! I never would have thought to use drop cloths. Thanks for sharing.


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