Drop Cloth Duvet & Son's Bedding Update

I thought you might like to see what I've been up to?  I've been working hard trying to get my son's room completed.  I'm not quite there yet, but I can tell you that his bedding is 99.9% done.  Here it is in it's almost 100% finished state.
The picture below is of the "bedding" I had put on Jacob's bed after I spray painted it in Valspar's indigo blue in a satin finish.
I kept his old pillow case and found the orange pillow on clearance at Target.  I just threw on a drop cloth that I already had to see how I liked it.  I did like it because it made the beautiful navy blue afghan that my mom made for Jacob stand out.  I didn't like that it was about as flat as a pancake.  I also wanted something that was going to incorporate all of the colors on the Mod Podge mirror frame that I made for Jacob's room.
I kept seeing stripes in my mind for the bed, and I'd been looking on line for some fabric so that I could make a pillow case, but wasn't having any luck.  Then, I finally found some striped fabric at Hobby Lobby that was exactly what I wanted and made a pillow case.  I put the opening in the back.
I also kept thinking that the orange pillow was too big in scale.  Plus, it was covering up the striped pillow case that I had sewn.  I don't want to cover up all of my hard work!  So, I cut off the bottom third of it, took out the stuffing, turned it inside out and sewed up part of it.  Then, I put the stuffing back in.  I still need to hand sew the remainder, which is why I say that his bedding is 99.9% done.
 Sewing this pillow was a little tricky because of the fuzzy things sticking out of the fabric.  I had to pull some of them out in order to sew it.  I was kind of afraid that I was going to ruin the pillow, but it turned out fine.  I was going to take pictures of how I made the pillow case and modified the orange pillow but my camera battery was dead.  I may make another pillow case though, so that I can show you how I made it.  I was surprised at how easy it was.  The navy blue sheets are Jacob's flannel sheets that I put on his bed in the winter.
For the drop cloth duvet.  I hesitate to call this a tutorial because this is only about the third or fourth thing I've sewn in my life.  If I can do this, anyone can.

I started out with two 6 X 9 drop cloths from Lowe's.  I washed both beforehand.  I cut about 10 inches off of the length of each of them.  On the ends that I cut off, I folded them over about two inches and ironed it down.  Then I sewed them with about a two inch seam allowance because this is where I was planning on putting the velcro closure for the open end where the comforter is inserted.
Drop cloths are not sewn perfectly and one of mine was a little bit smaller than the other one.  After I had the two ends that I had cut hemmed, I just laid the two drop cloths out and put the smaller one on top.  Then I pinned around the edges and sewed them together using the already sewn hem of the drop cloth as my guide.
After I had all three sides sewn together, the last step was just to sew on the velcro closures.
I finished it just in time for a cold snap to hit us this weekend, so Jacob was grateful that he didn't have to continue using his sister's old pink and white Shabby Chic quilt on his bed.

Jacob (and Bocce) waited patiently for me to snap some pictures before he got to jump on the bed to see how fluffy the duvet was.  I think his smile says it all.
I'm really happy with how it turned out.  The drop cloth does soften up after being washed.  The material is very substantial and with the comforter in the duvet it's very fluffy and comfy.

Jacob's room is slowly coming along.  I just have a few more projects to finish up and some accessorizing to do, and then I'll be able to stick a fork in this room and call it "done".  I cannot wait to have it all finished.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a great day!

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