Pie Crust Kit {DIY}

Don't you just love a beautiful pie?  I'm making the apple pies for our Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I made them last year too and had wanted to get some little fall leaf cookie cutters, but I never did.  When I got a recent issue of BH&G magazine, they had a pie crust kit in it that you could order.  I almost order it, but decided that I wanted to customize my own so I could get exactly what I wanted.
via BH&G
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via BH&G
So, I went to Amazon and order this leaf cookie cutter set, this rolling pin cover and pastry cloth, and two pie crust protector shields.  I was really surprised when I went to write up this post to see that some of the prices had gone up by as much as 50%!  I've never used a rolling pin cover or a pastry cloth.  They're made from specially treated fabric and you're supposed to put flour on them before you use them so that you don't wind up putting too much flour on your pie crust and drying it out.
Then, I bought an inexpensive tin at Hobby Lobby to store everything in.  I wanted to customize it a little bit more though, so I decided to stencil it, using ceramic paint, so that after 21 days of setting, it would be washable.
I stenciled on one letter at a time and waited for it to dry completely before doing the next letter so they wouldn't smudge.
I just used stencils that I already had but if I were to do this again, I would definitely use adhesive stick on stencils to get a more crisp clean edge.
I had to go back and  scrape off the edges with a straight pin.
I cleaned up any smudges with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol.
Everything fits inside nicely, and there's room so that I can add more pie crust gadgets in the future.
This would make a cute hostess gift or a gift for the baker in the family.
I was going to keep it in my pantry, but I thought it was cute enough to display on top of a kitchen cupboard.
I'll be baking my pies on Wednesday, so I'll have to let you know how they turn out.  Have any of you bakers out there ever used a rolling pin cover or pastry cloth?  I'm curious to see whether they'll work out or not?

'Til next time.  Have a great day!

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