Dog Stuff {Organization}

Last week, I showed you how I store my daughter's binder and text books in this cubicle in our living room.
So, I thought you might like to see what I kept in the other cubicle and how I got it organized without spending a dime.

Since the other cubicle is close to the front door, I keep Bocce's stuff in it so that things are handy when I take him for a walk (which is usually twice a day because he's still a very energetic little pup).  I'm trying to make my house more functional by storing things where I use them.

This is how it was looking.  A jumbled, disarray of leashes, his collar, dog toys, raw hides, poop bags, Bitter Apple, his Kong stuff and junk mail.  I was wasting time having to sort through it all to find what I needed, just to take him on a walk.
I emptied everything out and got rid of anything that didn't belong.
I picked up some shoe boxes from the friendly folks at a Payless Shoe Store.  I actually used four boxes for this project.  These are the two boxes that I was planning on putting at the bottom of the cubicle.
I covered the lids with some white craft paper that I had on hand.
Then, I borrowed my kids' markers to write down the contents of each of the boxes to make things easy to find.
I also used this lentil box, that I cut down to be even with the shoe boxes.  I didn't like the jagged edges after I cut it so, I just put some white duct tape over them.
Then I put the bottom boxes into the cubicle.
Since the boxes are labeled with the contents, no more fumbling around looking for stuff.  The bottom boxes hold things that are used infrequently, extra leashes, poop bag refills, wipes (because sometimes Bocce needs his little bottom wiped when we get back.  Oh, the joys of dog ownership!).
I set the other boxes on top of the bottom boxes. The top boxes hold things that we use every day or more frequently, like Bocce's collar and leash, raw hides, some toys, his Kong and Bitter Apple.  I decided it wasn't necessary to use the lids on the top boxes because I want to be able to access the stuff quickly and easily.
To make the divider in the box that holds Bocce's collar and his leash.  I cut a section off of the box of the lid.
Then, I inserted it into the box.  This way, the collar and the leash won't get tangled up.

 On the end of Bocce's leash, I keep a house and mail box key and the poop bags.  So, you can rest assured that if you see me walking Bocce through your neighborhood, I'll clean up after him.
Now, all of Bocce's stuff is nicely organized and ready to grab-n-go when I take him on a walk. 

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