Kids' Clip Board Schedules

School here starts on Monday!  It's so early this year, and my kids have become total slackers this summer (I'm not even going to line that out because it's so true).
Usually a couple of weeks before school starts, I start making them go to bed earlier, get up earlier in the morning, and go through the morning routine of getting ready for school.
This year, it feels like summer went by so fast and we didn't get to do a lot of the fun things that we had planned on doing.  So, I'm the one who's been the slacker as far as getting my kids in gear for school.  Instead, I've been letting them stay up late to watch the Olympics, and then we have ice cream sandwiches on the back patio.
To try to ease their transition to back to school, I decided to make them these simple schedules, as a checklist, for their morning routine.
Here's what I used for this project.
1)  Two small clip boards
2)  Craft paint or whatever paint you have
3)  Sealer - I used polyurethane
4) Computer paper and card stock paper
5)  Laminator or laminating sheets (you can buy them at Target)
6)  Dry erase markers
7)  Mod Podge
8)  Velcro fasteners
I started with these two inexpensive clip boards.
I painted them with some white craft paint and sealed them with polyurethane.
I printed out each of my kids' names onto computer paper, in a large font and used bright colors.  Then, I cut them out and Mod Podged them onto the bottom of the clip boards.
For their schedules, I printed them on card stock so that they'd be a little more sturdy.  Computer paper would probably work just as well.  Then I laminated them so that they can mark them off with a dry erase marker.
After some discussion about where to put them, we all agreed that the inside of the kitchen pantry door would be the best spot.
I attached the clip boards to the door with Velcro fasteners so that they wouldn't be flapping around when we opened it.  I also attached the dry erase markers onto the door so that they can find them easily.  The kids can take their schedules off in the morning so that they're not running back and forth to the kitchen after they complete each task and then put them back onto the clip board when they're done.
So far, the schedules are a hit.  The kids told me that they want to design their own afternoon schedules which we'll work on after school starts.

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