Rolling Pallet Play Table {DIY}

I made this upcycled, rolling pallet play table for my son's room recently.

As you can see, his room was in desperate need of some toy storage organization.

This is Jacob's Play Mobil Oambati Station that he has been playing with on the floor (pretty).  He doesn't have anywhere to store it and it makes his small room look cluttered and messy.  I really need to get it off of the floor.

I wanted a play table for storage and something that was easily accessible for Jacob.  So, I made him this easy and inexpensive rolling play table.
 I started with a standard pallet.
With a circular saw, I cut it down to the size that I needed which was about 23"x4'.
I got a piece of MDF for 7 bucks (and had them cut it for me) at Home Depot.  Then, I screwed it onto the top of the pallet and nailed a low profile molding all around the edges to keep all of the Play Mobil pieces from falling off. I filled in all of the holes with wood putty and sanded them down after they dried.
I screwed some casters onto the bottoms of each of the corners. rubbed it off with a rag before it dried to give it a washed effect.
I painted the top with some brown paint that I already had on hand.  I was going to paint the sides a solid blue but didn't like it so, I just put the blue paint on and rubbed it off before it dried for a washed effect.
Since it's on wheels, Jacob can easily roll it out of the closet to play and roll it back in when he's done, for quick and easy clean up.

To get the low down on working safely with pallet wood read this post by the oh-so-talented, Donna, at Funky Junk Interiors.

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