Creative Uses for Kitchen Cabinets

I'd like to have a buffet in my dining room area.  The thing is, I don't want it to stick out too far into the room.  First, let me explain, this is our only living area in the house.  So, besides dining, this area serves many functions.  We craft there, Jacob puts together his Lego's there, the kids do their homework there, and I sew there (once in a great while). 

 It also serves as our dance floor, on those wild occasions when we break out the Just Dance IV or I just feel like spinning the kids around the room a little bit.  Now, you know the reason why the buffet can't protrude out into the room too much.  It would interfere with the dance floor!  These are very important things to consider when designing a room.

So, I've been looking into other options for the space besides the traditional protruding buffet.  One option that I've been considering is using stock kitchen cabinets to make it with.  Like this one from This Old House.  If I use upper cabinets, it'll only stick out about a foot.  Fantastic!
This Old
While looking for buffet options, I found some other interesting uses for kitchen cabinets that I thought you might like.

I love how these stock kitchen cabinets were built into the wall to give them a custom look, and how they used see through fruit and veggie bins for open storage in this kid's room.  Plus, it's reassuring to know that since there really isn't a top, it won't be covered in Lego's, gum wrappers, and a rock collection that is now homeless, because the child's mother broke the glass vase that they were previously housed in.
We've all seen kitchen cabinets used to make a window seat.  This is a much easier solution than building the whole thing from scratch.  Especially if you don't have any carpenter skills or a garage full of the necessary tools to make said window seat from scratch, but rather, you have a garage full of old pallets, thrift store finds just waiting for you to do something, anything, with, magazines waiting to be donated, bikes that don't get ridden often enough, old toys that don't get played with anymore, and other miscellaneous crap.

This Old
One of the latest trends I'm loving is the fauxdenza (this is a fake credenza for those of you who aren't bilingual in French).  A brilliant idea to attach stock upper cabinets to the walls and surround them with a darker stained wood.  This is great for tight spaces so, this is within the realm of possibilities for our dining area since it meets the non-protrusion criteria and still looks smashing.
House Tweaking
Plus, since it has no legs, it's much easier to get to those inevitable dust bunnies that build up underneath all furniture (and their loose screws?).

If you're lucky enough to have some extra cabinet space (unlike me).  Why not convert a kitchen cabinet into a dog bed?
Interior Domain
Clearly, kitty rules the roost in this home with her own bed in a kitchen cupboard cut out in her feline image.  All hail kitty!
Interior Domain
How clever are these repurposed cupboard doors transformed into art stations?  This is one of those projects that you see and say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?"  They could even put their heads into them and close the lid, and pretend it's a Xerox machine (ok, so maybe your kids wouldn't do that).  My kids are definitely going to want me to make these for them after they see how cute these are.
iCandy Handmade viaU Create
Oh, how I long for a craft room.  A space where I don't have to clean up my mess when I'm in the middle of a project because I have to to go make dinner, help with homework or chase down Bocce because he's chewing up the TV remote again.  I would surely make this lovely craft table from kitchen cabinets, complete with a beautiful fabric top covered in glass to protect it from all of that hot glue.  Sigh.

Ikea Hackers
Anyway, those are some of the incredibly creative things that you too can make from stock kitchen cabinets.  I'm definitely going to ReStore this weekend to see if I can score a deal on some upper cabinets.  Just as soon as I take care of that dust bunny and his loose screw!  Have a great weekend.

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  1. So smart! Love that red buffet from This Old House! I'm positive I have an extended bunny family camped out under the living room couch....and probably a few screws too :)


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