Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Please forgive my extended, unexplained absence. I wish I could tell you that I was off at some exotic locale, lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun with a mini-umbrella'd cocktail in my hand, but that wouldn't be true.

Well, I was going to insert a picture of a cocktail with an umbrella in it on a beach here, but since I switched to WP.org, I haven't been blogging (at all) and now I find I'm unable to insert a picture off the web, or from my media library into a post? I was also going to insert a cute little graphic wishing you a Happy 2013, but can't do that either? WTH WP?

So, after I switched to WP.org, I had an immediate sense of buyers remorse and lost about half my followers who were with WP.com. I often beat myself up after making a decision and this was one of those times. One of the things I regretted after I had been blogging for awhile, was that I didn't just start out in Blogger. It's free, and I've heard easy to use. Easier than WordPress. Plus, it's FREE!

The month of December kicked my butt. Work was extraordinarily stressful (due to some of the powers that be getting a perverse pleasure out of deciding December (really? December) would be a good month to start chart audits and the fact that we have some major changes coming up. I'm in the human service field and I'm sort of like a Social Worker, but wind up pushing more paper than anything). There was the death of my co-worker, the stress of getting everything ready in time for Christmas, and the horrible shooting in Newtown. It all just left me drained in every sense, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Just completely sucked dry.

So, while I've been on my blogging hiatus, I've been thinking about what direction I want to take my blog and how much time do I actually have to spend on blogging as a single, working mom whose time is stretched thin to begin with? One of the things I've considered is whether or not I want to switch from WP to Blogger. I know crazy right? I mean who switches from WordPress to Blogger? Everyone usually starts out on Blogger and then grows their blog and switches to WP. Well, what can I say, except that sometimes, I'm just a little assbackwards?
Sometimes, when making a decision, I'll often ask for guidance, or a sign so I know which direction to go in. Is this the sign that I've been asking for? (I know, it's silly, asking for signs, but it works for me and I usually get them which I find reassuring). Maybe it is, so switching to Blogger might be the next step for my blog. I'm going to go and research this problem of not being able to put pictures into my posts, but I don't like this! I want things to just work and not be hard especially when my blog is supposed to be my creative outlet and fun.
So I thank you for your patience and I will let you know if I figure out the picture problem, or if my blog will be making another move.

Wishing you and yours a safe, happy, prosperous and fantastic 2013.

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