Reading Light {Son's Room}

I love to read and have tried to instill the love of reading into my kids.  When they were smaller, I read to them every night as part of their bed time routine.  I'm happy to say that they do love to read, and they both read every night before they go to sleep.

My son has a desk next to his bed with a small lamp on it.  You can read about the chair and desk makeover here.  But, as you can see, it's a little far from his bed.
So, when he read at night, it didn't provide him with sufficient light to read without the overhead light on.  Who wants to get up and turn off the light after you're all snuggled up in bed and drowsy from reading?  I needed to solve this problem.

I found this in the lighting section of Home Depot, on clearance, for about $6.00.  I loved the brass finish and figured that for six bucks, I could make it work somehow.

The first issue was where to attach it?  I considered screwing it to the back of Jacob's bed, but didn't really want to do this because the part that gets screwed in wouldn't be completely concealed and it just didn't look right.  It would be a hassle to attach it to the wall.  So, I decided to screw it into the back of his pallet art display board.  The problem was that even though it had an extendable rod, it didn't extend out far enough.

I had some dowels in my garage for some other project I had done.  So I sawed one to the length I needed to make it stick out just far enough to provide Jacob with the right amount of light to read at night.  The dowel is too thin though, so I used some duck tape on the ends.  The color of the dowel wasn't right either, so I used antique gold Rub-n-Buff that I had on hand.  It's almost a perfect match to the brass finish of the light.
The light was still not secure using just the duck tape.  So, I broke out the Gorilla glue and glued the two ends of the dowel into the lamp pieces to extend the length.
After an hour, the Gorilla glue is completely dry.  I had to bend the end of the light that would attach to the back of the pallet art display board, to get it at just the right angle.  Then I took the pallet art display board and turned it upside down and screwed the light into the back.
I hung it back up and admired my handiwork.
I love that it doesn't block Jacob's art work and that it provides him just the right amount of light for his night time reading.
No more having to get up and turn off the overhead light when he's done reading.
Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a great day!

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  1. What a great addition to his room! I love the finish and it's the perfect size and spot for a little reading light


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