Denim Magazine Files {Upcycled}

After I made the drop cloth curtains in my son's room (with the dyed-to-look-like denim fabric on top), I knew I wanted to incorporate more denim into his room.

Like their Momma, my kids are magazine addicts. We cannot get enough of magazines.  Jacob has  subscriptions to Ranger Rick and Lego Club.  Olivia has a subscription to American Girl and we all enjoy reading Family Fun.  I subscribe to a few (ahem) home and garden magazines myself.

Since I couldn't find what I was looking for, I went ahead and made some denim magazine files for Jacob's room.

The green magazine files that were in Jacob's room were falling apart.  They were very flimsy and would fall over easily.  I was originally just going to buy some plain magazine files and cover them in denim, but I couldn't find anything for less than 10 bucks apiece. Being the pack-rat that he is, I knew Jacob needed several, five or six, to store all of his magazines. Did I really want to fork over 50-60 bucks for a project that I was going to have to DIY anyway?  No! No! And, no thank you!  

What I used to make the upcycled magazine files were the cardboard boxes that our milk from Costco comes in.
I traced the old magazine file as the template for the new one (I used this pink one from my daughter's room to show you how I made them for this post because I had already recycled the old ones).
After I traced it, I cut it out with a utility knife.
This is what's leftover (the cardboard, not the dog).
Next, I cut out the middle section on the piece that's left over (that Bocce's such a little ham).
I used some duct tape to attach the piece onto the front section to make it more stable.
I also put some duct tape on the back, just to reinforce it and make it more secure.
I played around with the denim fabric, that I had gotten at Hobby Lobby for $6 with a coupon, to see whether I wanted the seam in the back.  I had also gotten a couple of options for adhesive labels.
I decided to have my seam be up front where it wouldn't show.  Now, it was time to put on the fabric with some spray adhesive.
I cut off the extra fabric on the sides.
Then, I folded them over and secured them with the spray adhesive.  I let it dry completely before putting the magazines in them.  
I attached the adhesive labels on the back and they were ready to be put on the shelves.
They're bigger than the old green magazine files and they're much sturdier.  The don't topple over and now I know if Jacob needs more, I can always just make them.
He even has a few extra for room to grow into.
I really love how they turned out and that they're upcycled!  I'm thinking new shoes are in my future with the money I saved.

Thanks so much for coming by and I'll see you next time :)


  1. Now that's a DIY project I can actually do! Thanks for the great instructions.

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  3. So sorry Heather! I accidentally deleted your comment. What can I say? I'm technologically challenged. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and I promise not to delete them in the future :)


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