Polyvore Gaffe

See! I told you I was technologically challenged! Who didn't believe me? I bet you believe me now.


 noun \ˈgaf\

Definition of GAFFE

: a social or diplomatic blunder
: a noticeable mistake

Examples of GAFFE

  1. He realized that he had committed an awful gaffe when he mispronounced her name.
  2. <committed a huge gaffe when she started drinking from the finger bowl>

Origin of GAFFE

French, gaff, gaffe
First Known Use: 1909

Another example of a GAFFE:

She realized she had made an awful gaffe when she went to check her blog and every. single. thing. that she had clipped to Polyvore that day had been published on her blog.

I recently started making mood boards on Polyvore. Thinking I had mastered yet another aspect of design technology, I set about using it to make a mood board for my friend Amy and her husband Bobby's bedroom.

When I set it up, I had it link to Blogger, thinking that when I was done making the mood board, that I could then publish it to a post. Had absolutely NO idea that every flippin' thing that I clipped would go straight to a blog post!

I'm so sorry to all of you email subscribers who will now have your mail boxes full of emails from me (hanging my head in shame and embarrassment). 

I promise this will never happen again.

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