Shea's Fabulous Dresser Makeover {Friday Feature}

Last month, a sweet reader, Shea, asked me about my son's dresser makeover.  She had some questions about the spray paint that I used. I was glad to answer her questions to help her out with her project.and told her that I would love to see her dresser after she finished it, if she wanted to email me a picture. I was so surprised and delighted last Saturday, to find some pictures in my mail box of Shea's fabulous dresser makeover.  Shea doesn't have a blog, but she was nice enough to let me show all of you her great project.


Honestly, the before wasn't even bad! It's a great antique dresser to begin with.  But, if anyone understands the need to want to change things up, it's me. Shea used Zinser Cover Stain Primer which is an oil based primer.  Then, she used Olympic One, paint and primer, Blue Bayberry, in a semi-gloss finish.

 For the hardware, Shea mixed gold and bronze metallic craft paint to customize this fabulous shade of gold. 

Dark blue and gold, one of my all time favorite color combinations. Shea's a girl after my own heart.

Didn't Shea do a great job! The dresser looks amazing now and it just goes to show how the power of paint and a lot of elbow grease can bring new life to a piece of furniture.

Thanks so much for sharing your project Shea!  And thank you for dropping by I hope you have a great weekend.

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