Thank You!

For those of you who followed me from WordPress to Blogger.  Thank You!  For suffering through my long, extended absences, Thank You!  For signing up either as a Google member or through email subscription, Thank You!  

On my WP blog, I could see how many subscribers I had by email in my dashboard.  On Blogger, I actually have to go to the Feedburner web site to look it up which I did just now because honestly, I was a little worried since only two of you signed up as members.  Feeling despondent, I was set to find a comfy corner in my bedroom to curl up into the fetal position and try to recover from the rejection.  I was so happy and relieved to find out that many of you (just the popular people) have signed up for email subscriptions.  You guys are the best followers a girl ever had!

I am so glad that I don't have to spend the weekend crying in a corner of my bedroom.  Because we are going out to eat New Mexican food tonight (so I'll have a margarita for ya) and tomorrow, I am going to meet my blog friend Deme, from Fresh Coat of Paint, and Sunday, well, we all know what's going on Sunday!  THE PUPPY BOWL!  Yes, that's what we watch, if we don't get invited to a Super Bowl Party, which we didn't this year (sniff, sniff).  So, it would have really sucked if you had decided not to follow me.  So, thanks for not spoiling my weekend.

You are a quiet crowd though.  I understand, it's kind of a pain in the (bleep) to leave a comment on a blog.  Honestly, I can never see those dang itty bitty numbers either when I try to leave comments on other blogs.  So, I might just have some fun with some surveys in the side bar and see if you might like those?  If not, that's ok too.  I'm just so happy that you're here.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Thank You!<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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