Clever Bathroom Storage

Things are still crazy at my job. I'm hoping most of the major crises are over and that I'll get caught up this month, so I'm not having to work weekends. But, all work and no projects, painting, organizing, creating or blogging, make Sharon a grumpy girl. Sorry, it's always weird when people refer to themselves in the third person.

I have a confession to make, I actually like to clean and organize. It gives me a sense of control when things at work and in the world are so out of control. Is that crazy? Okay, maybe a little.

I did get a chance to organize under my bathroom sink recently. It had turned into a jumbled mess (which is what happens when you just throw things at random under there). I had tried, several years ago, to organize it with some baskets from the dollar store. But, they were cheap and flimsy and everything inside of them kept falling over. Plus, it had been years since I'd cleaned and organized under the sink and there were a ton of things stored under there that I wasn't using. And don't even ask my why I had so many bottles of rubbing alcohol?
I also wanted to clean out the two drawers under the sink and move things around a bit. In the drawer on the left, I was keeping my brushes, blow dryer, two curling irons and a flat iron (okay, so I'm  a little high maintenance). It wasn't working though, things were cramped and it was a little hard to shut the drawer.
The drawer on the right wasn't too bad, since I had organized that about a year ago. But, I wasn't feeling the black and white drawer liner paper in the this room.
I needed a place to store my electric toothbrush because it was sitting on the bathroom counter, along with an unattractive soap container and lotion bottle.
My toothpaste was in the medicine cabinet, but my toothbrush was too tall to fit into it.
So, I took everything out from under the sink to begin the process of sorting through all the stuff that was expired or that I never used. I recycled the containers that I could and tossed the rest.
I broke a cardinal rule of organizing and bought my organizing supplies before I knew exactly what and how much I needed (I am such a rebel!). Here's what I found on clearance at Target (clearance and Target two of my favorite words together). I got these in the kitchen section of Target. Yes, I said kitchen section of Target. I love to use ramekins to store bathroom odds and ends. I don't necessarily know if I saved money by shopping in the kitchen section for bathroom storage, but it just makes me feel like I'm being clever, and sometimes, I just have to humor myself.

I had to contain my excitement when I found these awesome teal ramekins.
Because I knew they would coordinate with this hand towel I had gotten awhile back at Target. I guess I was feeling really cheap the day I bought this because I only got one? Anyway, I wish I hadn't been so cheap that day and gotten more than one because even though they still have these towels at Target, they no longer have the pretty teal border on the ends (gasp). I know shocking, but true.
I picked up this melamine dish that was also on clearance. I loved the pattern and the colors are just cheerful and happy. If I have to look at something every day, cheerful and happy are good. Plus, with the big teal flowers I was sold.
I grabbed a couple of metal ice buckets that were also on clearance.
I also got some sturdy, white, pretty, plastic baskets that I knew would be more durable than the previous Dollar Store baskets I had been using. They weren't on clearance though so, I must have been feeling rich the day I bought them.
I lined the inside of the cabinet and the drawers with white shelf liner and realized that I actually hate to line stuff with shelf paper. I don't have the patience so, you will probably never find me doing any wall papering projects. After the horrible shelf lining task was completed, on to the fun of organizing.

I put infrequently used things in the back. Extra toilet paper, bottles of saline solution, and my copious supply of rubbing alcohol. (Give me a call if there's anything you need disinfected).
I used smaller baskets towards the front to corral more frequently used items. So my makeup bag and hair products are within easy reach. I even had room for the lotion, so I could take it off of the counter.
I took the lids off of the ice buckets and my blow dryer fit perfectly into one. The other one holds two curling irons, a flat iron and two brushes easily. Since they're metal, I don't have to worry about putting the hair appliances back in when they're still hot (you see I am clever).
On the other side, I used a refrigerator ice container to hold cleaning products. I got this idea from Jen at iHeart Organizing, who we all know is the queen of organization. I've been wanting to try it out for awhile. I'm hoping that this way, I can wipe down the sink when it's dirty since I won't have to run to the kitchen for cleaning supplies. You know? Because, what, my kitchen is 40 feet away from my bathroom. So. Far. To. Walk.
I had a couple of blue glass containers that I used to hold razor blades and small tubes of lotion.
Here's a shot of the newly organized area under the sink.
What I love the most about this project are the drawers! Now that I had cleared my hair stuff out of the drawer, I put in the teal ramekins to hold various sized hair clips, hair bands and my watches. I already had the ceramic egg holder that I scored last year at Anthropologie for 50% off.  So, I put that in the drawer too for small jewelry. I love how the teal ramekins pick up the teal in the hand towel. I know I'm a total geek to get so excited about this, but I love it! I also got a new rug for in front of the sink so I really must have been feeling rich that day! I love the Moroccan pattern. I could stand in my bathroom and just look at the towel, the open drawer, and my new rug all day.
On this side of the sink, a few years ago, I had hung a shadow box to display my jewelry in. I just put some straight pins with a pearls on the ends into the shadow box. Then I hung necklaces, bracelets and dangly earrings off the pins. Again with the cleverness.
The other drawer is completely dedicated to my mouth. The cheerful melamine dish now holds my electric toothbrush and toothpaste (my toothpaste isn't electric). A soap dish holds my Burt's Bees (I always lose my Burt's Bees, I have Burt's Bees pomegranite missing somewhere in my house at all times). A white ramekin holds my dental floss. I know, it's probably a ridiculous waste of space, and it's probably weird that it makes me happy every time I open it up, but it does!
In the back, I put a plastic storage container that holds whitening strips and extra dental floss. I hate to run out of dental floss. With as much coffee, tea and red wine as I drink, I am constantly "yellowing" and I'm totally on the whitening band wagon, although I never seem to be able to get my teeth white, white? You know? Rock star white.
I also picked up a liquid soap container and got some fresh white hydrangeas to pretty things up on the counter. The silver vase is actually a toothbrush holder (more cleverness).
Honestly, I had no idea how clever I really was until I wrote up this post! I was going to title it something generic like, "Master Bath Under the Sink Organization," and hadn't even picked out the post title, until I started to write this up and saw just how clever I really was what, with all the repurposing of non-kitchen storage stuff to store bathroom stuff.
It's reassuring to know that even though things can get out of control at work and in the world, at least I can take refuge in my neat and cleverly organized bathroom now.

Excuse me. I'm just gonna curl up on my new rug while I whiten my teeth.


  1. I love the teal and white! :) I'm going to have to go out and see if I can find something similar.

  2. This is adorable! Love the drawer dedicated to your mouth! (found you on iheartorganizing!)

    1. Thanks Jill! I'm glad you stopped by and thanks for leaving a comment. :)

  3. Ohhhh... Where did you get the clear organizers in the medicine cabinet? Those look like they would solve an organize problem I have.

  4. Hi Leisel! The clear organizer in the medicine cabinet is from Target. My home away from home. :)

  5. Ummm...your bathroom looks amazing and you are hilarious! What a great post...thanks for the laugh and inspiration! :)


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