Easter Craft Gone Awry & My Living Room Rug

Hi there! I was hoping to have a cute little Easter centerpiece craft project to share with you today. It involved some wheat grass that I picked up at Pet Co. I figured after I was done with the project, Bocce could get his fill of gourmet greens (a nice change of pace from our lawn). I just got the wheat grass last Saturday. I needed three so I was glad to see that they were marked down. I was hoping to get the project done this past weekend, but ran out of time. Then, I was going to finish it tonight, but my wheat grass was looking rather sickly. Plus, there was a new episode of Modern Family on so I decided to just bag it.

Instead I'll tell you about my living room because it's kind of driving me crazy right now. I want to change things up, but I'm feeling trapped by the color scheme of my rug. You may remember this post where I bought a new rug from Target? Well, I came to my senses because it was kind of blah in my living room and my niece Heather flat out told me it didn't look good. I appreciated her honesty because I didn't love the rug and you really shouldn't have anything (or anyone) in your home that you don't just really love. So, I took it back and still have this one.
I would still like to get a natural fiber rug and I'm wanting something neutral because I like to change up my pillow covers and throws.

While I was looking at my rug options, I really loved this one from Rugs USA. But, I know how I am and I'll be tired of the pattern in a year. Best to just stick with black and white chevron throw pillows.

Here are the three rugs that I'm considering.

Or, these two from Pottery Barn.


I'm holding off right now on any major purchases though. Olivia just got her braces on this past Monday, and I haven't filed my taxes yet so it will have to wait for now.

I would love your feedback on which rug to get. Leave me a comment and let me know which rug is your favorite. 

Happy Birthday Heather!


  1. So hard to choose! #1 gets my vote.

  2. I agree with Linda. Love the pattern on the West Elm rug.

  3. I like 3 the best. :)


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