Son's Room {Home Tour}

Even though there are still a few projects in my son's room rattling around in my brain, I've done enough in here to finally call it done (for now) to start my home tour.  It actually all started with my need to get the toy clutter that was taking over Jacob's room under control.

The more time I spent in his room organizing it, I started to realize that some of his furniture needed  updating, his bedding was worn and shabby, he had started randomly tacking up his artwork on the walls, and his bookcase was too small.

Just in case you are new to my blog, or need a little refresher on how things used to look in here, I made a little "before" collage to give you a glimpse of what I was dealing with.
Now, you might look at these pictures and think that I never clean my house. Honestly, it was easier just to shut the door to my son's room and walk away. Until I could stand it no longer! A big part of the problem was that his toys that he played with regularly, his Playmobil and stuffed animals, either didn't have a place to live or just had inadequate storage.

Here is how his room looks now (although honestly never quite this clean).
Let me walk you through the long laborious process that was my son's room makeover.  The very first thing I decided to tackle was finding a place for him to play with his Playmobil.  So, I made him a rolling pallet play table from an upcycled pallet. This got his Playmobil off of the floor that was blocking access to his closet.
I also took off the doors to his closet, and added curtains, so that he could roll the play table in and out.
I changed my mind about the white curtains and with the help of some navy blue Rit dye and drop cloths, I made him some new curtains.
My son insisted on keeping his Sponge Bob and Playmobil posters in his room. So, I framed them in some inexpensive poster frames and moved them over to the wall at the end of his bed. I also added a shelf to put some canvas bins on to store Jacob's toys. I stenciled them in a bright green paint because when you're 9-10 years old, your room should be fun. Below the shelf are blue storage bins that hold all of Jacob's stuffed animals.

To cut down on all of the wood tones that were going on in the room, I painted his bed...
and his dresser navy blue. I took a large mirror that I had in my living room and Mod Podged a map onto the frame.
The colors in the map became the inspiration for all of the colors I used in his room.
To prevent my son from randomly tacking up his pictures all over his bedroom walls, I made him a pallet art display board with the leftover wood I had from his pallet play table. Now, he can easily change out his artwork that he wants to display.
For his bedding, I wanted to keep it light so that the beautiful afghan that my mom crocheted for Jacob would stand out. So, I conquered my sewing demons, and sewed a couple of drop cloths together to make a duvet. Then, I cut down the orange throw pillow to make it smaller. I also made a pillow case from some striped fabric that I found that incorporated all of the colors in the room.
In Jacob's desk area, some elbow grease and a can of green spray paint were all it took to update the hardware and chair.
To replace Jacob's too small bookcase, I found a bookcase at a garage sale, painted it white and lined the back with drop cloth. This provided him with more room for books, magazines, mementos, and toy storage in the baskets on top.
I upcycled some boxes that our milk from Costco comes in and turned them into denim covered magazine files for all of my boy's magazines.
For the lighting in the room, I scored a symmetrical lamp shade for $4.00 at Good Will and converted into a ceiling mounted drum shade.
To encourage bed time reading, I found a picture light on clearance at Home Depot, modified it, and attached it to the back of the pallet art display board.

I wanted Jacob to have a convenient place to store his bed time reading material. So, I made a bookshelf from a plastic rain gutter. I also got some green frames at Michael's to display Jacob's favorite pictures of our family vacation a few years back to Sea World, and of some zoo animals, that Jacob loves.
It has been a long, pain stakingly slow process, but I really love how all of the projects in Jacob's room have come together. More importantly, he loves his room now and has been enjoying hanging out in it, playing with his Lego's (which took the place of the Playmobil on the play table), reading, or doing some artwork at his desk.
I hope that you've enjoyed the tour of my son's room. To see more "before" pictures you can click on the links to all of the projects that are in this post. It was definitely a labor of love and worth all of the effort for my sweet boy. Love you Jake!


  1. Hi Sharon! I'm in love with that mirror! You did a great job. :)

  2. Wow wow wow! I love all the DIY projects you did - they really make the room!

  3. This looks so great!!!! I am so excited to find another New Mexico blogger!! I am thinking about hosting a ABQ blogger luncheon. Would you be interested???

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

    1. Thank Mandy Jean! I would love to meet you and other NM bloggers! That sounds like fun.


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