Coffee Table Makeover {Before & After}

This past weekend, I gave my living room coffee table a makeover. I had been looking for a glass coffee table on Craig's list for months, but couldn't find what I was looking for.  Instead, I decided to just make the most of our coffee table and give it a makeover.

I'm really loving how it turned out!
Here is how it looked before the makeover.  I was tired of its reddish wood tone.
My inspiration for the makeover was this one, from Pottery Barn (currently on sale for $600.00). Still a little out of my budget.
I was also tired of the French country shaped legs, and although I couldn't really change them, by painting them a darker color, I could minimize them (black is always slimming). 
Our coffee table is a perfectly good one. Made of real wood. Plus, like the one from Pottery Barn, it has a drawer in it, which really comes in handy because Bocce likes to eat our remote.
Not to mention, the table itself.
I also decided that a glass coffee table wouldn't be the best option for our family anyway. Besides being a chew toy for our dog, this table gets a lot of use, from us eating on it occasionally for pizzas and movie watching on the weekends, to playing board games on it, to being a comfortable foot rest on Wednesday nights when we all watch Modern Family, to my son doing his nightly ritual of bouncing off of it, and all of the living room furniture, just as soon as I pronounce, "Bedtime!". Glass would just not hold up to all of this.
So, out back she went for me to sand the top part down to the wood. And, this would have been fast and easy, except that I grabbed the wrong sand paper at the store.  My circular sander takes hook and loop paper. I accidentally grabbed one that had peel off paper and then you're supposed to stick it to your sander. Well, it stayed on for about two seconds and as soon as it got sand underneath it, started coming loose. I should have just gone back to the store and gotten what I needed because it took longer, wrestling with the sandpaper than if I had just gone back. Anyway, it got sanded eventually.
After it was sanded, I brought it inside, because it was starting to get windy, and put on a coat of primer. I let that dry completely and then painted the bottom with Bejamin Moore's dragon's breath, which actually isn't black, but more of a charcoal gray color. From a distance it looks black though.
I noticed on the top that there was a section that didn't get sanded all the way. I was out of course grit sand paper, but I took it back outside after the paint had dried completely, and tried to sand it down with the fine grit sand paper I had that was hook and loop.

I had picked out a stain for the top that I thought wasn't too dark, but after I checked in my garage, I had a half a can of it already and knew it was too dark. So, I wound up going back to the store anyway to find a different stain. I decided to try Danish wood oil, in a dark walnut, instead of stain. I also decided to grab some more sand paper, just in case. I really liked the finish of the Danish wood oil. I put two applications on the table (no, I didn't follow the directions and wait for it to dry in between coats).
Good thing I bought more sand paper because there was still a section that hadn't been sanded down completely that I missed.
By now, my kids were back from their dad's and I still wasn't done with the table. I decided just to bag it until later so that I could spend time with my kids. I didn't work on it on Sunday either because I'm trying not to let my projects take over my entire weekend and my time with my family.
On Monday, after work, I sanded down the board that still had old finish on it. I decided to sand the whole board so that when I put more of the Danish wood oil on it, it would have an even finish.
Then, I let it sit until Wednesday after work, and put a coat of clear satin polyurethane on it.
I think it's quite lovely now. The wood tone is just right, not too dark, not too light. I'm liking the dark gray paint on the bottom. Although the legs are curvy the paint does minimize them a bit.
We'll be celebrating Olivia's birthday this weekend, because my sweet girl just recently turned 13! Unbelievable to me. So, I might just take a break from projects this weekend.
I might just relax, put my feet up, catch up on some reading.
Have a little snack maybe? Hang out with my kids, play some games, watch my son bounce around the living room furniture, and just enjoy.

Hope you have a great weekend. :)

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  1. Quite a transformation! I love the charcoal gray color and how it contrasts with the wood. Very nice job!

    1. Thanks Danylle! I'm so glad you stopped by and I appreciate your kind words.

  2. Wow, it doesn't even look like the same table! I love it!

  3. You did an awesome job on this table!

    -Liz @My Life in Projects


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