Far From Perfect

Hope you had a good weekend! We were busy, with two birthday parties to attend. I essentially had a few hours Saturday morning to work on projects around the house and get some errands done. Since Olivia's birthday is coming up soon, and we'll be having it here, I decided I needed to focus my efforts in the living room. So, I set out to see what I could accomplish in a morning.

A friend of mine made me laugh recently after she saw my post on bathroom storage and made a comment about how, "clean and organized" my house is (I hope everyone knows that I was joking about how clever I am in that post?). Apparently, she hasn't been over in awhile because for every one space in my home that might be clean and organized, there are dozens more that are like this.

 Since I still haven't found anything to put on this credenza. This is what tends to happen through the course of a week. Do you see a board under some of the papers?

The board is a drawer front that ripped clean off when I opened it recently (note the bananas that are starting to rot in the container on the counter).

First, I decided to tackle the drawer front. Part of the wood had torn off where it gets screwed into the drawer box. I Gorilla glued it back on and put a garden paver on top of it (one of these days I'll buy some clamps).

Waited for an hour 'til it dried. And, in the meantime, tackled the mess on the credenza. I considered how this space functions. I knew that I needed something large to throw mail and school paperwork into during the week, until I can get to it on the weekend. What I had in mind was a large ceramic bowl with high sides, but could not find one anywhere for less that $100.00! I even looked for large glass salad bowls that I could paint, but found nothing like that for under $50.00. Not the budget I had in mind.

I had previously considered this basket from Target's new Threshold line because the proportions were right, and I liked the color and texture of it, but I didn't want anything with handles. I passed it over initially, but decided to go ahead and get it for now, in order to avoid the inevitable paper pile up. I'm sure I can use it somewhere else, if I find something more permanent for this space.

To add a little color to the space. I used two hurricane vases that I already had, I also had two white candles, but they weren't tall enough, so I decided to improvise and put these smaller glass containers inside of them and surround them with some green moss.

I moistened the moss with some water before I put it in, and then just set the candle inside.

I knew when I hung the gallery wall low to the credenza that I wouldn't be able to put anything too tall on it or it would block the pictures. 

I do like that the glass hurricanes allow you to still see the pictures. 

I like the naturalness of the moss and the lively pop of green it brings to all the neutrals here.

With the credenza done, next up was a quick trip to the grocery store to buy some fresh fruit and our food for the week.

Back from the grocery store, I finished repairing the drawer. I just needed to screw the drawer front back onto the drawer. And, put some fresh fruit in these smaller glass hurricanes, that I like to store our fruit in because they take up less space on the counter than a bowl. Plus, we are more likely to eat it when it's right in front of us, rather than hidden away in the fridge.

So, that's what I accomplished in a few hours on a Saturday morning. Sometimes, temporary solutions are better than nothing at all and having to live with this.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you have a happy Monday.

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  1. Your credenza looks so great!!!! I love it! All good things come from target ;)

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean


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