Master Bedroom Progress

Hi there! Last week, I gave you a little sneak peek at some of the changes I've made in my bedroom. You may know that I've been grappling with the idea of changing the paint color to a darker, moody blue color. But, I decided that the color, Behr's Light French Gray, was fine. I decided that the problem was I needed to stop changing my mind mid course in every room, and just finish what I start.

About three years ago, I got my Pottery Barn couches. They were expensive, probably twice as much as I'd normally spend on a couch. But, I'd been wanting them forever and finally decided to just save and get what I really wanted. I charged them on a Pottery Barn credit card and then paid it off right away, so that I could get 10% store credit. Well, I had the credit for about three years just waiting to get just the "right" thing.  I have always loved the West Elm organic pintuck duvet. It's feminine without being to frou frou, if you know what I mean? What was I waiting for? Since West Elm and Pottery Barn are owned by the same company, I could use my Pottery Barn credit to get the duvet I've been wanting for years. Of course, I still waited until it went on sale for 20% off.
I knew that I wanted a big white fluffy rug. Maybe because they remind me of the flokati rugs that we had when we lived in Italy when I was little. I got four rugs from Target, when they were on sale, and put them together to make one rug. Part of the reason I did it this way, and I hope I don't gross you out here, Bocce tends to eat all sorts of weird things in the back yard. Then, he comes inside and throws up. I swear, it is always in my room! I'm able to wash these rugs in my front loading washer. Besides, have you ever tried putting an 8 x 10 foot rug under a bed? Major hassle. Bocce has even thrown up on my new duvet. Since then, has been banished from my bed. Sorry Bocce! Still love you.
The bench, I already had and didn't like how small and kind of cheap looking it was. I knew I wanted to replace it with something longer and nicer looking. I still wanted a bench with storage though.
I found this lovely bench one day when I went in to Ross looking for a simple straw bag. It was calling my name with the tufting, the nailhead trim and the linen looking fabric.
 It reminded me of some of the more expensive benches I'd seen at Ballard. It also reminded me of the couch I put on this mood board that I made a few months ago.
So, I had my West Elm pin tuck duvet, my rugs, and then the bench. I needed something to bring some life to the space. I went online and started looking for fabrics and was drawn to the large floral prints. Then, I remembered that a few years ago, when I was going through my major Pottery Barn phase, I had gotten a duvet and some pillow shams, but I never could seem to make them work in my room. So, I took them off my bed and put them in a bag marked, "Craig's List." Then, I put it in my garage, with the intention of selling them. Well, it's a good thing that I'm a procrastinator because the floral duvet and shams work perfectly with the white pintuck duvet, and it ties into the colors of the bench and the blue gray walls.
Things were starting to look lovely, except for the eye sore knotty pine night stands. I could not stand them a minute longer!
So, I painted them off white this past weekend and changed out the hardware.
It's truly amazing what a coat of white paint can do for a piece of furniture.

Here's a closer look at the hardware, that I got at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off so they were three bucks a piece. So sparkly and pretty. Love them.
Here's a closer peek at the scented drawer liner that I put in the drawers.
The lamps, you may remember, were an amazing HomeGoods find.
I threw a few accessories on to the night stands this morning before I woke my kids up to get ready for the day. The statue of Venus is from Italy. The clock is from Target and I really don't use it because it ticks so loudly it bothers me. It's much prettier though, for blog pictures, than my digital clock. :)
The white vase was a $2.00 find at Goodwill. I will never pay full price for vases again! I loved all of the detail and curviness of it. The Eiffel Tower picture is a thank you card from my niece Heather, from many years ago, that I borrowed from the living room.

I would still like to change out my headboard. I'll probably DIY a tufted headboard with nailhead trim to coordinate with the bench. I'm still not completely loving the starburst mirror from Target either. It just looks a little insignificant, or mass produced, or something's just off about it so we'll see what happens with that.
It's funny, because as soon as I quit obsessing about the paint color and decided to just get on with it, things fell into place.

The room isn't done yet, but I'm loving the progress so far. I'd love to hear what you think.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Sharon, it looks AMAZING!!! Using four rugs was genius and I love so many of the things you brought in...the bench, the duvet with that quilt, the hardware on those white end tables. It all looks really lovely! I'm feeling the same way about the office - doubting and questioning how to go forward...I need to just do it already!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    And by the way, I love the sunburst mirror over the bed. Maybe with some sort of art above the nightstands it won't look so lonely??

  2. Thanks Deme. :) You're the sweetest.

  3. I love the added touch with the PB duvet and shams. I have a white pin-tuck duvet from Target and it looks a little blah. I might need to do something similar. :) The nightstands look great too! White paint helps everything... It's like make-up, lol! Oh, and I think the paint color on your walls is beautiful. Glad you didn't change it!

    1. Thanks Jessica! It takes me so long to finish a space due to cost and time, that I'm constantly changing my mind. I finally decided to just finish it already! I appreciate your feed back. :)

  4. Your bedroom is looking great! I love the tufted bench and the end tables. :)

  5. I love the bedding and the newly painted nightstands...and the paint looks great. I know what you mean, I obsess about paint, too...but only b/c I've made some bad choices in the past. I've gotten better about choosing color but my obsessing hasn't improved.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Crystal and your kind words. :)

  6. What color did you paint your master bath? We did our bedroom in Behr Light French Gray and we love it but definitely having some misses with the choice of paint for our MB.

  7. Hi Kat! I don't remember exactly, but it's Behr's sandstone cove or sandstone cliff. The lighter one of those two. :)


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