My Daughter's Closet...Please Don't Judge Me

It's been awhile since I made this mood board for Olivia's room.
So what is keeping me from getting in there and getting started? Don't get me wrong. I'm super excited to get in there and start turning her room into a lovely space for my, soon to be 13-year-old, girl. What's holding me back?

Well, it's a little bit complicated. You see, right now, she has the majority of her clothes in this antique armoire that I've had for many years.
The armoire is very pretty and it holds quite a bit. It needs some work and I've got plans for it, but that's another post.  I need to get the armoire out of the room because we will probably put her desk in that area.

Besides, Olivia doesn't really need the armoire in her room because she's got a decent sized walk in closet. However, when she was just about 2 years old, I painted her closet with the idea in mind that it would look like a castle and she could use it as a play room.
Now do you see why I asked you not to judge me? Ok, so here we are now, eleven years later, and the faux finish bricks just remind me of a cheesy Italian restaurant. The funny thing is, Olivia likes it and she actually does not want me to paint it, even though I cringe whenever I go in there (not to mention the major craving for Italian food I get).

That's not even the real issue though because I think I've finally convinced her that she doesn't have to live out her teenage years with her clothes stored in Ristorante Italiana. The thing is, I'd like to upgrade her cheap wire closet system.
I'd like to put in a closet organizer that's more substantial than the current wire system, that will maximize the storage space in there, and turn it into a beautiful dressing room for my girl. But, holy mackerel! Have you seen how expensive closet systems are? I nearly had a heart attack when I went online and priced out a very basic closet system from Martha Stewart through Home Depot. It would have cost around $700.00 and that didn't even include the shipping! Plus, from what I've read, you still have to essentially build it yourself because you have to cut parts off and assemble it.

Of course, I think, "Well, I'll just DIY it!" I do a little research and the first place I turn to is Ana White's blog, where she shows how she built this amazing closet organizer.
Then, I found Kristen over at Pink Toes and Power Tools who built this beautiful closet organizer for her daughter.
And, there's Anna from Take the Side Street, who built this closet organizer for her sons' shared bedroom.
This site looks like it might have a good tutorial that even someone with my limited carpentry skills might be able to build.
I have to admit, I'm feeling a little intimidated by the scope of this project.  So right now, I'm figuring out how am I going to do this? Will I have to invest in a good circular saw (and stop borrowing my sister Michelle's) and cut my own plywood? Or, can I figure out what cuts I need and just have Home Depot do it? Will I need to get a kreg jig or can I manage without one? Not to mention that I'll need to give my garage a good cleaning out so that I have room to build the closet organizer if I go forward with this project. I guess I just need to stop making excuses though and figure things out!

What about you? Have you done any major DIY projects lately that have had you a little intimidated? How did things turn out? I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Your daughter is very lucky!!! I am converting a small bedroom into a craft/filming room.

    We are currently working on our backyard while the weather is nice. Hopefully we can get it done before the New Mexico sun starts up :)

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. Oh my goodness, you crack me up! What girl wouldn't like Ristorante Italiana for a closet ;) I know you'll pull of that organizing system!

    We've got two pretty intimidating projects in the works....both seem simple on paper but you know how that goes.

    Good luck!


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