Olivia's 13th Birthday Party

We celebrated Olivia's 13th birthday this past weekend. She's growing up so fast. I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that she's now a teenager. We usually have birthdays at home, and I like to try to make them special without going overboard. She was pretty adamant about no gift bags and no games. Balloons were given the "okay" though. She said she just wanted pizza, cake and to hang out with her friends.

Since I'm not very technical, I ordered these purple owl water bottle covers from Pink The Cat off of Etsy. It's a personalized downloadable that I just printed on my color printer and taped onto the water bottles.

I also got this cute sign from Kiyomi Designs. I wasn't sure how she'd feel about them since she told me recently that she was over purple. She still likes owls though, so I took a chance. I also wasn't sure if she thought it might be too "babyish" now that she's a teenager. 

She seemed to genuinely like them though and I thought they added a nice personal touch. We were sure to let people know to recycle their water bottles. I actually try not to buy water bottles, but when I saw these labels, I couldn't resist. I do suffer from green guilt though, when I buy water bottles.

I also took a copy of the picture from the Kiyomi Designs sign with me to the cake shop when I ordered her birthday cake. They were supposed to essentially match the cake to the sign and I was very disappointed when I picked it up and the only thing they had copied onto the cake were the owls on the branch. It was still cute though and delicious.

I took some balloons and taped them to the wall up above a foldable table that I set up in the living room. I covered it with a drop cloth, and then a white table cloth over that. (Can you tell I gave up ironing for Lent? Say what? Lent is over!). I got the balloon idea off of one of my Pinterest pins on my Party Ideas board.

Well, enough talk, here are some pictures of the party. Most of them I tried to snap before everyone got here so I could just relax and enjoy the party.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I could not be more proud to call you my daughter. May all your wishes come true! (Don't worry, we were only joking when we told you you had to save your candles and reuse them on your 31st birthday cake).

Love You!


  1. Nice Birthday celebration Olivias, Many Birthday wishes to U, god bless you hope to celebrate many such Birthdays in your life

  2. wonderful Birthday celebration party Olivias, have a nice Birthday wishes to Olivias God bless U and enjoy the day

  3. Many Happy Birthday wishes to Olivias. I wish you joy and happiness in your life.


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