Olivia's Room {Inspiration}

The design plan for Olivia's room has changed. (You can see the mood board here, that she's changed her mind about). All because she fell in love with this pouf that she saw when we were shopping at Target recently.
She told me she was, "over" purple anyway and didn't want to do the purple and green color scheme anymore. I was a little disappointed because I liked the mood board and wanted to see how it actually looked finished.

She said she wanted to do a navy blue and coral color scheme with little pops of yellow. So, I went searching for some inspiration. There are lots of coral and navy bedrooms being done these days on the web. I tried making a mood board with navy blue, coral and yellow. All I could think of though when I saw the coral and yellow together were mustard and ketchup. I wanted something a little different for inspiration. Something that would incorporate color without feeling too forced or matchy, matchy, if you know what I mean?

I found it in spades in this bedroom done by Grace at A Storied Style. This is one of my absolute favorite bedrooms of all time. 

Grace started with this amazing Orangerie fabric as her inspiration. Since it's about $150.00 a yard, we'll be searching for something a little less expensive. Then, she incorporated the colors of the fabric into the bedroom.
I love the painted bed frame with the white bedding and the pop of color that the pillow adds to it. Olivia has a white metal bed that we're thinking of  painting navy blue since it's a color she loves. She also said she wouldn't mind if her walls were white. Yes! So, I'm thinking either white walls or pale gray. I do want to put crown molding up in her room, and maybe some decorative molding on the wall where her bed is.

By keeping the walls a pale neutral gray, all of the colors in the space aren't overwhelming. I love this gallery wall and how she added bullnose clips into the center of the frames to easily change out artwork. Olivia loves to draw so we definitely want to incorporate this idea into her bedroom.
Just another example of pulling colors from the pillows into the room by doing something as simple as adding yellow ribbon onto the white drapes.
There was even a yellow pouf in the bedroom. Okay, so it's not a yellow ombre pouf from Target, but a vintage pouf recovered in this amazing yellow fabric, but that's okay.
So, that's the direction were headed in Olivia's room. I'm very excited about it now. Of course, I still have her closet to contend with first. Better hurry up before she changes her mind again!

Have a Great Day!

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