Jacob's Moveable Snake {Kids' Crafts}

I swear that I do have some decorating projects that I've been working on to share with you. They're just not quite ready yet.

So, my sweet son said that I could share his cute little craft project that he came up with awhile back. When I first started my blog, I thought I would have a lot more kid's craft projects. But my kids just don't do as much crafty stuff as they used to. 

Jacob is into Lego's and animals. So, when he's not putting together Lego's or stalking the latest Lego releases on Amazon.com or Target.com, he's reading about animals, acting like an animal, or drawing animals.

Olivia is into reading, music, playing her guitar, texting her friends, Owl City, clothes, and drawing.

Anyway, here is Jacob's moveable snake.
He started out by stringing together some paper clips. Then, he wrapped each one in pipe cleaner.
Next, I hot glued on some googly eyes and a red felt tongue that we had cut out.
How's that for a fast, easy, inexpensive and fun kids' craft? 
Brought to you by Jacob.

 Thanks Jake!

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