Whipped Into Shape Wednesday: Kitchen Drawers

It's Wednesday so I'm back with another post of Whipped Into Shape Wednesday, where I share a space in my home that I've recently cleaned and organized.

Today, I'm showing you a couple of drawers in my kitchen. Can you stand the excitement? Hold on to your hats people. This is HUGE!

Here is a before of the utensil drawer.
Now, it really wasn't hideous to being with, but I wanted to upgrade the white plastic organizer I already had. I got rid of stuff that we never used, like the white ceramic napkin holders. Plus, we had two sets of silverware. I mean, there are only three of us, do we really need two sets of silverware? No. I also got rid of the blue basket with the plastic spoons and forks.

Here is the after. Aaaahhhhh.
I snagged a good deal on a bamboo organizer at Costco for 16 bucks when it went on sale. I loved that it had adjustable inserts to customize the space sizes. So much better now. Don't you think so? I do, every time I open this drawer.

Next up, is the messiest drawer in my kitchen. Can you say, "jumbled, disorganized, chaotic, cluster of disorganized knives and utensils?" I new you could! :) This drawer was such a time waste looking for things and no fun when trying to get dinner on the table in a hurry!
Isn't it lovely now?
The bamboo organizer came with two extra boxes (also with adjustable inserts). They worked perfectly in this drawer to hold large knives and smaller utensils. I also added some pretty black and white drawer liner that you may recognize from this post? It will look even better when I get my kitchen cabinets painted white.

One last after shot of both drawers. I love to open them now.
Have you done any organizing projects lately? I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great day.

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