Whipped Into Shape Wednesday: Under the Kitchen Sink

Today, I'm introducing a new series, Whipped Into Shape Wednesday, because, honestly, I'm a little cash strapped after our vacation to Disneyland. Sorry I haven't posted any pictures of our trip, but I haven't downloaded them yet.

I'm going to be focusing my efforts on getting some things whipped into shape around our house without spending a ton of money. Why Whipped Into Shape Wednesday? Because we like alliteration here in blogland. That's why! I'll be posting these, from time to time, on Wednesdays.

These projects won't be major upgrades like replacing shelving or anything like that, just practical cleaning out and organizing of spaces. Sometimes, those are the best before and afters.

I haven't quite gotten around to taming the mess in my pantry. But, I did get a chance to organize a few other spaces in my kitchen that also needed it. Like, under my kitchen sink.
I had actually organized under the sink last year before I started my blog (you should have seen it then!). I had added a clear plastic divider tray from Target, to hold some things, but I had already put it in the dishwasher before I took this picture. Trust me it was yucko! You can see that things have gotten thrown under there. Plus, the liner was just plain gross, and not the prettiest thing in the world.
On the inside of the cabinet door, I had put a command hook to hold rubber gloves and an over the door hook to hang the dish rag. I had also lined the inside of the door with some shelf liner paper, but it started to peel off and I wasn't able to use it to hang my rubber gloves anymore. So, off this came.
I cleared everything out and lined the bottom of the cupboard with some shelf liner paper that I already had. I prefer the type that doesn't have that sticky stuff on the bottom. It's such a pain to put down. This doesn't have the sticky backing.
I put the clear plastic divider tray back in after it was clean. The tray holds dish soap, spray cleaner, Jet Dry (which I always forget to use), green scrubby things, a vegetable scrubber, non-stick skillet scrubber and the sink stopper (which is discolored with paint. Can't imagine how that happened?).
The brush is held onto the wall with a Command hook. You can see that in the back are floor cleaners.

On the other side of the sink, I keep a cleaning caddy stocked and ready to go. The spray bottles in the back I bought awhile ago because I was planning on putting cleaning caddies in both of our bathrooms. I like to mix vinegar and water to clean the mirrors and glass with, so that's what they're for.
I found a polka dot pot in the garage to hold the feather duster and cleaning rags,
I reattached the command hook to the cabinet door and now I can hang my rubber gloves again. I've tried using those cute floral rubber gloves, but I always wind up putting holes in them (from all the scrubbing, geesh how many scrubby things do I have?). I have to use the extra thick-not-so-attractive-but-very-practical gloves instead. They're the Coke bottle glasses equivalent of gloves. I also hang up the dish rag here because I like practical things out of site.
On the other door I hung a dish towel that's supposed to just be used from drying off dishes. I still have the childproof lock on the door. Guess I can take it off now.
Here's my newly reorganized under the kitchen sink area. Much better.

Have you whipped anyone anything into shape lately?

Have a Great Day!


  1. Looking Good! It's so nice to have a freshly organized space.

  2. Looks great. This is one of the hardest places to keep organized in my house, it seems to get ransacked when we are trying to find a certain type of cleaner. Thanks for sharing.


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