Kelly's Bedroom {Mood Board}

I hope that you're having a good week and a fun summer? We're having lots of fun and I'm really enjoying this time with my kids and my family. Last night, we got together with some family to play flashlight hide-n-go seek at a nearby park. Have you every played? We were having hurricane winds last night which sort of just added to the drama of playing a game late at night. We had so much fun we are definitely going to be playing more flashlight hide-n-go seek this summer!

Anyhoo, the reason for my post today. My niece Kelly told me recently that she wanted to update her bedroom. Kelly is 16 and she told me she wanted her room to be gray, white, and black with hot pink accents. She also wants to add gray horizontal stripes to her currently all white walls. Of course, I told her that I would love to help her out with her bedroom makeover.

I started out by making this mood board for her. I was planning on going over to her house to show it to her to see what she liked and didn't like, but she had plans (the nerve!). I don't think I every had "plans" when I was 16. Except maybe to watch TV, does that count as "plans"? So, I went ahead and published it on Polyvore so she could look at it, but she couldn't find it, so I pinned it to a Pinterest board.

Kelly's Bedroom
She told me that she liked the stripes, the pillows, and the white bedding.

She didn't like the duvet on the end of the bed. I sort of agree with her now, except I do like something on the end of the bed because I like that layered look. Just maybe not this particular duvet? She also didn't like the white curtains with the hot pink pom pom fringe. Say what? How can any 16 year old girl not love hot pink pom pom fringe? She also didn't like the pink pouf! I loooovvve the pink pouf! I actually didn't mean that she had to run out and buy the pink pouf (or more like I didn't mean that my sister, Margaret, had to run out and buy the pink pouf) because Kelly already has a dark gray ottoman in her room that I thought we could just recover and use. Actually, we are planning on using her existing furniture and painting what's already in there. This includes the mirrored nightstand. I want to try painting it with metallic spray paint and using silver leaf. Kelly's willing to give it a try. I told her it was only paint and that if she didn't like it, we could always just paint it white. Right?

So, this is where we're at with her mood board now. Needs a little work, huh?
Kelly's Bedroom

I'm feeling some mom guilt though because poor Olivia has been waiting patiently for me to start on her room. We did do some cleaning out in there this past weekend, and we can now see the top of her desk! I'm still working up my courage to tackle her closet.

Now, if there were just a few more hours to every day, I might be able to get all of these projects done. ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read my little ol' blog today!


  1. Sounds like you have a tough client! :) I like the direction you're headed in. It will be neat to see how you guys collaborate on the project. PS: I heart the pom pom fringe too, but I'm not 16 either. Maybe we're out of touch with what's cool?! :)

  2. beautiful! the pom pom fringe is definitely a must!

  3. Thanks Carissa. I know, it kills me that the pom pom fringe was nixed!


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