ReStore Score

It had been awhile since I'd been to ReStore so, a few Saturdays ago, I decided I'd pop in on my way to the grocery store. I've been on a mission, of sorts, to find some cheap upper kitchen cabinets to use in our laundry room. I also want some to make into a small buffet for our dining area.

When I walked into ReStore, there was a huge sign that said, 50% off. This immediately honed my thrift store senses and led me directly to this vintage beauty of upper cabinets.

I loved the glass panes (even though I'll clearly need to replace one). It was four feet long which was the exact length I needed. It was priced at $25.00 so I'd be getting it for $12.50. Eeeek!
And the vintage knobs! To. Die. For. I had the fear of God in me as I rushed to get a large cart to put it on before someone else snagged this beauty out from under me. I couldn't get it on my cart fast enough.

I went out that same day to Lowe's to buy her some feet to stand on. Can't wait to see her all painted and pretty.

I looked around some more and found this cabinet that I thought I could use in my laundry room.

A little plain Jane, but I figured since it was on sale for $17.50 that with some trim molding, white paint and pretty hardware, I could make it shine.

I also got this light shade that seemed a little pricey at $25.00. It's just what I had in mind for my itty bitty entryway though.

I'm thinking that I'll paint it black, although, now that I look at it, I kind of like the tarnished bronze look.

With my bounty in tow, I headed for the longest line I've ever had to wait in at ReStore. This was the one time in my life that I was actually happy to be waiting in line. There I was chit chatting it up with the other ReStore dorks while we giddily compared what great bargains we were getting. I have never seen a group of middle aged handymen clucking excitedly about the great deals they were getting on boxes of nails and French doors. It was quite a scene and there I was clucking along with them about my cabinet coup.

The icing on the cake though was when I found out that everything in the store was actually 75% off because our ReStore is moving locations at the end of September. Holy Moving Sales Batman! I could barely contain my excitement and had to share with someone so, I quickly sent a text to my sister Michelle because a) she loves ReStore as much as me and b) she has a truck! I have a small SUV so I could fit the stuff I was already getting into it, but maybe I'd find more?

So far, this is what I'd spent:

vintage cabinet                          - $ 6.25
plain cabinet                              - $ 8.75
light shade                                 - $ 6.25
excited frugal dork happiness   - priceless

For a whopping total of $21.25. I know! Right?

After Michelle got to ReStore, I walked around with her, not really expecting to find anything else.

Somehow, I had overlooked these cabinets, on sale for $11.25! I could hardly contain my excitement. I am such a ReStore dork. I don't know if you've ever priced cabinets before at Home Depot but just one single upper oak cabinet is around 80 bucks.
The one drawback is that the shelves aren't adjustable, but that's what saws are for right?
One of the doors is missing on the end, but I love open shelving and I can just see it with some cute little baskets tucked into them.
It pained me deeply to walk away from this couch. I mean it really, really pained me deeply. just look at it! What with it's curved back and the tufting. They were selling it for just $15.00!
If I hadn't already bought half of the cabinets in the store I probably would have bought it. It would so totally be worth it to buy and recover. I can see it in a navy blue velvet, maybe something like this. (Image below via Cre8tive Designs, Inc.)
If I had two living areas (or a warehouse - which is kind of what my garage has become) it definitely would have come home with me.

You're in store for a HUGE, I'm talking HUGE, HUGE treat next time because I'll be giving an oh-so exciting tour of "The Arm Pit". Try to contain your excitement!

Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Oh.My.Gosh! You scored and scored big! I am so glad I DIDN'T know they were having a sale because I would have been there and I don't.need.a.thing.

    Where are they moving? Do you know?


  2. Can't wait to see how you transform these great finds! When I move back and get my own place, will you help me become designer savvy?? Pretty, please. I already know of a few pieces of furniture that need painting...

    1. I think you're already pretty design savvy, but I'd love to help you paint some of your furniture. Can't wait 'til you move back here! :)

  3. Hi Julia! I think they're moving somewhere near the San Mateo Menaul area, but not sure of the exact location. I think they're having the sale until the move at the end of September. Not too late to find some deals. :)

  4. I have the best picture of you in my head chatting it up in line about your steals :) These are SO awesome!! That vintage cabinet is a serious gem - hello, knobs!!! I can't wait to see how you transform each of these! And I think I need to get my butt in there soon!


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