The Arm Pit

Welcome to my laundry room hell.
My son once told me that the laundry room was his least favorite room of our house.

But why son? Could it possibly be the complete lack of storage that results in a disastrous mess of laundry supplies, cleaning products, clothes pins, lint balls, miscellaneous trash and loose change pulled from pockets that clutters the tops of the washer and dryer that keeps you from loving this room?
Or maybe you don't like how I have the mop stuck in a bucket and shoved into a corner, next to the vacuum cleaner? Could it be that you find it difficult to put things into the hamper because there's a laundry basket on top of it?
Do you not love how the ceiling fan has come loose and the dirt mark that now surrounds the vent?

Or maybe, it's how the dry wall tape has come loose from the ceiling and is starting to crack and sag, that has you feeling uninspired about our laundry room?
I'm sure that it can't be how the builder has put the whatever-they-call-that thing where the hose connections go high up on the wall making it visible for all to see and very difficult to put a shelf over the washer and dryer? Certainly, you must love seeing all that black tubing sticking out of the wall and appreciate how it contrasts so nicely with the drab paint color?
Or, maybe it's the hole in the linoleum in front of the washing machine that you don't love?
Sweet Jacob, I'm not sure if I've ever told you the story of how that hole in the linoleum got there have I? When your father and I first moved into this house I was about six months pregnant with your sister. I asked your father if he had hooked up the washer and drier yet so that I could do some laundry. He said that he had. So, I threw in a load of wash and shut the door.

A little while later, I went back into the laundry room only to find it flooded. I realized that your dad (anti-handyman that he was and probably still is) had not tightened the connection on the washing machine hose. It had come loose and was spewing water all over the floor. I quickly turned off the washing machine. Your Dad had gone out to run errands or something. So, there I was, six months pregnant, on my hands and knees sopping up two inches of water off of the laundry room floor.

After I got the water cleaned up, I pulled the washer away from the wall. Since the linoleum was wet, the foot of the washing machine ripped a hole in it and it's been that way ever since. Just one of my fond, fond memories of your Dad and this house.

Thanks so much for taking the time from your day to stop by and read my tale of laundry room woe. ;)


  1. It may be a bit of an armpit now, but I see it's potential, and I know you'll do something great with it!

  2. Thanks Jess. I'm excited to finally be making this room over.

  3. Favorite read of the day :) I have the same issue with that whatchamacallit for the hoses being right where I want to put a shelf. But hey, arm pits make for awesome before/after pics. Can't wait to see what you have in store!

    1. Thanks Deme! What are they thinking when they put the whatcamacallit hose connector thing so high? This makeover is long overdue!


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