A Simple & Neutral Fall Mantel

Hope you had a great weekend. I'm still finishing some laundry while I write up this post. Speaking of laundry, I'm making slow progress on the laundry room. I did get the sagging drywall tape on the ceiling repaired.  Part way repaired anyway.  I'll be catching you up on that soon.

Anyway, here's our mantel that I decorated for fall today.

I wanted to keep it simple and neutral and use what I already had and add some natural elements.

The trees are just barely starting to change here, but I was able to snag a few small branches off of a tree when I took Bocce on his walk this morning. I think it's an ornamental pear.  It's my favorite little vignette on the mantel.

Ornamental grasses are also blooming here and they look lovely swaying in the wind.  Unless they're hurricane strength winds, which we've been known to get.  Then, nothing looks lovely.

The mirror is new.  I found it at Home Goods, just this past week. I wasn't really looking for a mirror, I think I just went to browse, but Home Goods is a dangerous place to just "browse".  For me anyway.  I had been wanting a quatrefoil mirror for a long time, but the larger ones are pretty expensive, running between $250.00 to $300.00.  When I saw this 30" x 30" inch one at HomeGoods, I thought about it, but passed it up because I'm trying not to spend so much now since the holidays are right around the corner.  It was $50.00 though, so I went back the next day and bought it.

When I first saw it, I thought that I would paint it white right away.  I wasn't crazy about the two toned gray and white distressed paint job.  This picture shows more of the true color of it, it's a lighter gray.  But, the color scheme does work with the room and I didn't have time to paint it this weekend.

When you're further back from it, you don't notice the distressing on it so much.  Either that or my contact lens are just so dirty that I can't really see anything all that clearly (except for my very dark roots in the bottom of the picture above).

Time to go fold some laundry. :)

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  1. The mirror was a great find! If I go to HomeGoods to "browse" I NEVER leave empty-handed. I think the only place more dangerous is Target!


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