Kids' Bathroom {Organization}

After I cleaned and organized my bathroom, I had good intentions to do the same in my kids' bathroom. Well, you know what they say about good intentions.

Two things happened that finally lit a fire under me to get my kids' bathroom organized. The first thing was that since my daughter started 8th grade this year, she has been getting up early so that she has time to blow dry and flat iron her hair. I have to say that I'm very proud of her for setting her alarm and getting up without any nagging from me! The thing is though, she has been borrowing my blow dryer and flat iron which hasn't been working well for either of us.

The second thing that happened was that my son scratched himself in the back yard. He asked me to help him because he couldn't find the band aids or anything to clean his scratch out with. I went into the bathroom to help him find what he was looking for. All of the first aid stuff was supposed to be in this cabinet.
This is what was behind those closed doors people. A hot mess to say the least. There were no band aids and there was no antiseptic to clean Jacob's scratch with either. We had run out of antiseptic and I didn't even realize it. We did find some band aids in the first aid kit that had gotten dumped in a drawer of the vanity. I cleaned Jacob's scratch up with some soap and water and put on his band aid. Talk about mom guilt!
I decided enough was enough, and it was time to tackle this mess and give my kids an organized, pretty and functional bathroom. 

Here's a before shot of under their sink vanity.
It was holding Olivia's make up bag, Bocce's dog grooming caddy (that I didn't like because it was too wide), hair stuff, flossers in their original bag stuck in the back, and other random bathroom stuff.

Here's a before shot of one of the drawers.
You know the saying, "a picture speaks a thousand words". Yeah. This one is speaking like ten million words, and not a one of them is good. 

To organize the vanity and the cabinet. I followed these organizing rules:

1. Take everything out.
2. Throw away any medications that are expired.
3. Donate anything that's in good shape that you no longer use.
4. Toss anything that's damaged.
5. Just keep in the space things you use every day or frequently.
6. Group like with like.
7. Put as much as you can into containers.
8. Label your containers so that things get put back into the right spot.

I bought Olivia her own blow dryer and flat iron. No more sharing with Mom in the morning. I knew I needed something to store them in and started my on-line search. I almost order this, but found these silverware caddies on clearance at Target to use instead.
It's metal, compact, and holds her blow dryer, flat iron, brushes and combs. She's got room to add curling irons, which I'm sure will be coming soon. I put a removable label on it that I had gotten on clearance at Staples a few months ago.

I also got a silverware caddy for Bocce's dog grooming stuff. He is my fur baby, after all.
It holds his shampoo, fur detangler spray, brush, nail clippers, and wash cloths that I like to use to wash his face off. I also put in a plastic take out cup to hold his toothpaste and toothbrushes. Wow. He is one high maintenance dog! Olivia said he had more hair care products than she does. :)

I lined the inside of the vanity cabinet and drawers with some non-adhesive shelf liner that I got at Target. I liked the preppy stripes.

I put Bocce's caddy in the back of the vanity. (I know, I need to clean his brush. Please don't judge!).
To corral my kids' hair stuff like Jacob's hair gel, dry shampoo, blue hair dye (for Halloween), and extra shampoo and conditioner, I used an ice cube container that I labeled.
I wanted to utilize every last bit of space that I could. So, I put a Command hook on the back of the cabinet door so that Olivia can hang her make up bag here (mascara and lip glosses - lots and lots of lip gloss). She does keep other stuff in it, as well, like deodorant. This is her overnight bag that she can just grab-and-go when she goes to her Dad's house or for sleepovers with her friends.
Everything fits nicely into the space and is containerized, so it's easy to get to Bocce's dog grooming kit in the back.
I love how this looks now when I open up this cabinet.
Here's a before and after shot of the vanity.

Now for the afters of the drawers.
I love this drawer! It holds extra hand towels, wash cloths, and extra bath poufs that we have for sleep over guests. I decided to put the wash cloths in a basket because, otherwise, they get messed up so easily in the drawer.
Just another shot of the extra poufs in their pretty basket.
The bottom drawer holds essentials like extra TP and tissues. I like to keep them here for easy access when refills are needed. I'm sure I could have squeezed in more TP, but I loved the striped drawer liner peeking through so I didn't.
Here's a dramatic before and after of the messiest drawer.

Now, on to the afters of the cabinet.

I used two small glass vases that I got last year at Target to hold cotton swabs and Q-Tips.
I bought an inexpensive little bowl at Cost Plus to hold the shampoo and conditioner freebies that we got from the hotel we stayed at when we went to Disneyland this past summer. I loved the ikat pattern and the yellow on the rim of the bowl.

Here are the after pictures of the inside of the cabinet.
I organized it so that the stuff that they use infrequently is on the top shelf and the frequently used stuff is on the bottom shelf for easy access.
The top shelf holds a first aid kit, Epi-Pens and inhalers, and extra toothbrushes. I also got an acrylic organizer from Target, to hold more first aid stuff. I wanted to make this shelf all first aid stuff, but it just didn't fit so I made it into the infrequently used shelf instead (or hopefully never used in the case of the Epi-Pens).
I used a larger glass vase that I already had (also from Target) for my daughter's rescue breathers and Epi-Pens (there are no Epi-Pens in the vase in this picture because I still needed to go pick it up the refill from the pharmacy when I photographed this). Olivia is allergic to nuts and has asthma. I feel so much better now that these are more visible and easily accessible to all of us in case of an emergency.
I used a blue glass container, that I already had, for extra toothbrushes that we usually have on hand in case one of my kids' friends sleeps over and forgets a toothbrush. Or, you know, in case someone accidentally drops his or her toothbrush in the toilet.
This acrylic container hold first aid supplies like antiseptic spray, band aids, cotton balls, thermometers, antibiotic ointment and hydrocortisone cream.

The bottom shelf holds stuff that my kids use frequently or should be using every day.
Like the flossers. Hello! Kids! You really should be flossing every day.
I used more of the little glass vases from Target to hold all the flossing stuff.
This shelf holds nail care supplies and Olivia's nail polish. Jacob's nails grow really fast and we're clipping them all the time. So, now he can easily find the nail clippers.
My kids had a few extra samples of toothpaste from their last visit to the dentist. I like to save these for when we travel.
I decided to store the sample sized toothpaste and their toothbrush covers in a vintage blue Mason jar that I already had. I put it on top of the cabinet with the lonely little plant. It adds some color and balances things out a little better up there.
I'll leave you with one last before and after shot of the cabinet area.

I love how clean and organized their bathroom is now! Everything has a place, everything  is visible and easily accessible, everything is labeled so it stands a better chance of being put back where it's supposed to go. They're great kids so they really do deserve to have the room that they start and end their day in be organized and pretty.

Thanks for stopping by and I'd really love to hear your thoughts. 


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  1. I have to say I don't think your "before" was that bad. Maybe that's a problem, lol? The "after" looks great though. Nice job!

  2. Such pretty organized goodness! I so need to do this...especially to have those hope-we-never-have-to-use items easily accessible.

  3. Wow! It looks wonderful! I really need to do that in both of our upstairs bathrooms and you have definitely given me some ideas to inspire me.

    Becky @

  4. Such an improvement! I love how everything has it's place/container. I'm hosting a giveaway for two great pillow covers that you should enter!


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